Reviews: Striped Slub Pullover, Split Stripes Pullover, Chevron Shawl Top, Entomologist Blouse, Sunshine Tank, Milieu Patchwork Top

The Milieu Patchwork Tank ($88) looks great when layered. How does it look on its own? Find out in this tops reviews set.

Striped Slub Pullover ($58) by Pilcro, TTS
Style #: 25730847; black motif (009), orange (089), yellow (079) or red motif (069)

Note: If you’re wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they’re detailed on this page.

Anthropologie is trying to get back to its old ways, putting a unique spin on basics. The Striped Slub Pullover ($58) is the latest of many, many, oh so many striped tops to hit the Anthropologie racks. I get it — I’m addicted to stripes too. My eyes are starting to glaze over from all the options though. In order to make this top special, Anthropologie’s mixed broad and rugby stripes on two different background colors. It’s fun but it’s also totally Old Navy. And at the latter I can get two for $15 or some ridiculous deal. At Anthropologie it’s $60 just to own one.

The product shot model is wearing some mysterious version of this top that hugs the body. In reality the top is very loose, especially at the bottom. Its cotton-rayon mix falls straight from the bust, creating some pleats around my tummy. A piped scoopneck and bracelet sleeves are cute design touches. It hits at the high hip. My usual size medium was loose but a small felt too short on. So I’d recommend sticking with your true size.

I like that Anthropologie’s getting back to basics with a twist but this is too basic. Don’t try to be the Gap. We already have 4,000 of them. Pass.

Split Stripes Pullover ($58) by Deletta, TTS
Style #: 26466631; green motif (038), red motif (069) or blue motif (049)

In a study of contrasts, I like the Split Stripes Pullover ($58) as a basic with a twist much better. Pattern mixing is still all the rage and Anthropologie has adeptly trend-combined stripes and patterns in a super-cute top. I tried on the ‘green motif’ version which has an aqua-based bird print around the shoulders. There’s also a floral red (which you can see on the product page and this past weekend’s Store Inspiration Eye Candy post) and a polka-dotted red motif version. The top is cotton with a poly print and on the version I tried the lighter stripes are heathered and somewhat see-through. Of course! Sleeves hit just below the elbow and the top runs to the high hip.

Strangely while the last top looked much tighter on the model than it is in real life, this top was the opposite. The top looks looser online than it really is and the sleeves look much looser than they really are! A medium worked nicely on me, though like the last top it’s somewhat loose in the front. I wish the bottom of the top were a little heavier to keep it closer to my body.

This is the kind of basic with a twist I can get on board with. Nicely done Anthro! Wishlisted.

Chevron Shawl Top ($68) by Bordeaux, TTS
Style #: 27025014; neutral motif (015), light grey (006), grey motif (008), black (001)

Bordeaux’s had a good run lately but we’ve hit the wall with the Chevron Shawl Top ($68). There are two thickly striped versions and two solid versions, the latter with its fabric set on the chevron bias. This top is so 70s I can’t stand it. Dolman shape, weird cowl, difficult fit. Do you like arrows pointing to your ass? Sure hope so!

This top is made from rayon with a good deal of spandex. The sleeves are pretty tight but at least they stretch! I found my hips to be a challenge — in my usual size medium the top is hugging them. I liked the overall fit of the medium better than a large though. The large was drooping off my shoulders. This top feels nice and soft like many Bordeaux tops do and that’s great. Personal preference, I think the pattern is ugly. The colors are drab on the neutral motif. I’m tired just writing that.

Ho hum. Back to the rack.

Entomologist Blouse ($98) by Electric Love Light, size up
A Made in Kind collaboration
Style #: 26980144; multi (095)

The Entomologist Blouse ($98) came to Anthropologie by way of the amazing Joe Zee. A few months ago Andrea Diodati, the artist behind Electric Love Light, was featured on Mr. Zee’s Sundance Channel show All on the Line. You can read my episode recap here. Ms. Diodati impressed two Anthropologie buyers enough to sell her goods as a Made in Kind capsule. I’m beyond delighted to see this butterfly blouse made the cut!

Whether by accident or design (my ego will let me pretend it’s the latter thankyouverymuch) I see my main critique about the blouse has been addressed. The version shown on All on the Line had a large monarch butterfly right over the bust which looked strange. That overly large flutterer is gone and instead we have a mainly same-sized print of bugs and butterflies. This top is silk! Honest, real-life silk for under $100. The collar is perfect, a little smaller than Anthropologie has been using lately. The top is annoying sheer and pretty short, hitting at my waist on the sides on above the hips at its longest point in front.

The blouse runs small. My usual 6 was a no-go so up to an 8 I scurried. The cut is simple and straight but I must say the print and fit are really delightful. I just wish it was longer.

I rarely say this these days but this top is well-worth full price. I’m in love. Sitting in my cart as we speak!

Sunshine Tank ($68) by Electric Love Light, TTS
A Made in Kind collaboration
Style #: 26981001; yellow (072)

I saw one other piece from Electric Love Light to try on. The Sunshine Tank ($68) is adorable and a little twee for my taste. But like the Entomologist Blouse above, there are some fantastic design touches that remind me of the days of Anthro yore. First, the cotton is bright and crisp. Much sturdier than recent Anthropologie pieces without being coarse. There is a trail of unfinished thread alternating white and yellow around the bib. We’re so used to seeing these frayed and shopworn. But every shirt I saw in-store looked perfect. The SAs said they’d been out for about a week. Color me impressed! And then on the inside, this top even has snaps for your bra strap up at the neckline. What a nice detail!

This top is seriously like Anthro 2005-2007. It’s awesome.

I know the loose trapeze fit is intentional but I’m not in love with the way it looks on me. A 6 was short but fit fine. I want to like this top. Really I do. But I fear I’ll find a photo of my 5-year-old self wearing something similar.

Adorable. Seriously. But too young for me. Pass.

Milieu Patchwork Top ($88) by one.september, TTS
Style #: 26268037; light grey (006) or navy (041)

I saw the Milieu Patchwork Top ($88) layered under a cardigan at the Upper East Side Anthropologie. That was enough to convince me to try it on. But oh lord is this top rough by itself. A widening front pattern makes me look horizontally stretched. (The Tuxedo Stripe Charlie Trousers  — $118, review upcoming — are not helping.)

Let me back up. The top has a cotton base, a polyester print, and another striped print at the back shoulder. An inverted pleat in the back helps somewhat with fit and the sleeves are button-tabbed. It’s so cruel though — even the model has her arm protectively wrapped across her waist. Because the front pattern panel makes you look 1-2 sizes bigger than you really are. Who wants that?!?

A medium fit fine but made me feel lumpy. Ugh. I should wear this top as punishment. It looks fantastic layered but I’m no fan of it on its own. Pass.

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