Reviews: Scoopback Maxi Dress, Heian Sheath, Coquette Matelasse Dress, Agnes Dot Chemise, Sasonger Tulle Dress, Partridge Peck Chemise

Tracy Reese’s Coquette Matelasse Dress ($348) gets the review treatment.

Part two of dress reviews is here! I covered several dresses earlier today in another set of thoughts and you can see plenty more item scrutiny by clicking on the Reviews link in the top nav bar.

Scoopback Maxi Dress ($148) by Bordeaux, TTS
Style #: 25773151; pink (066) or three other colors

Note: If you’re wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they’re detailed on this page.

I’ve had many requests for a review of the Scoopback Maxi Dress ($148) and I’m sorry I couldn’t find the dress locally until now! I almost walked right by it compressed on a rack with what seemed like a dozen other items. This dress is light and airy and quiet. Very easy to miss!

Bordeaux has the market pretty much cornered on soft rayon jersey. So that’s nice. But the dress isn’t lined up top and so my blue bra showed through clearly (sorry). And the skirt is lined…but only partway. The lining ends midthigh because…umm…I have no idea why. I think it’s clearest in this product shot; you can see the model’s thin limbs peeking though the skirt. The dress otherwise features bicep-length sleeves, a defined waistband and a gently pleated maxi skirt. A deep scoop in back shows a bra band clearly — you’ll need a low-back bra with this for sure.

I love how this pink version is paired with the Sylvan Beaded Stretch Belt ($48) online and I think a belt is a great idea. The dress looks very plain without it. I found my usual size medium to fit very comfortably. The pink color washes me out so I’d probably invest in the brown or blue version if I decided to buy this. I was wearing heeled boots when I tried this on — in flats the maxi would probably graze the floor. I’m 5’8″ so compare results for your height.

Lovely, light and lets dark bras peep through. Layer for sure! Wishlisted for reconsideration come sale time.

Heian Sheath ($198) by Leifsdottir, size up
Style #: 25828971; black motif (009)

I guess Anthropologie got enough complaints about the difference between the catalogue shot of the Heian Sheath ($198) and the production shot to remove the photo from the page altogether. Ah, what could have been! Instead of slimming centered floral sash we get vertical offset mismatched seams. Winning?

The dress is cotton with a touch of spadex and a exposed back zipper. At least the zip is the same black color as the dress. A high neckline and cut-in shoulder straps give way to a fully covered back. Like all sheaths this dress is cut straight through the hips and thighs.

Straight cut, meet my curves. Sizing up to a 10 (that’s two sizes up for me and the size I usually wear in skirts) meant the top was slightly loose but was what I needed over my thighs. And even the 10 was hugging my butt. The dress cleared my knees by over an inch.

While the print stops abruptly at one side seam, the dress I tried had an odd seam on the other…

…where the pattern seemed to begin again just before the side. Looks a little strange, no? And forget the waist seam — they didn’t even try to match the patterns up there. It’s just clear clashing, requiring a thick belt to cover the pattern’s skipping.

Oh Leifsdottir. What ever will I do with you? I want to love your stuff but the quality and price are not aligned right now. This dress is sadly a pass.

Coquette Matelasse Dress ($348) by Tracy Reese, size up
A Made in Kind design
Style #: 26054700; blue motif (049)

I recently reviewed another Tracy Reese dress from her latest Made in Kind capsule — the Arrondissement Collage Shift ($298, review). This time I tried the Coquette Matelasse Dress ($348) which livens up an already bold print with a fluerette-covered lace overlay. Under the overlay is a simple blue slip which is sewn into the dress, wisely with a split at the back zipper. Such a wonderful touch!!

I am a little bummed that unlike the model shot at the top of this post, in real life the skirt is rather stiff. Does not catch the wind. Does not twirl with flair. But is cool nonetheless. The top portion looks like “mold on a circuit board” according to my dude. I think it’s lovely!

Although a size 6 zipped up, as with Ms. Reese’s other recent designs I felt much more comfortable in the 8 you see on me above. The skirt hits right at the knee but stands away from the body thanks to a crinoline layer underneath. The top part is not itchy though it’s not soft either. I found this dress very comfortable on.

I think this would be a killer party dress. If I hadn’t already invested in the Arrondissement dress, this one would be coming home with me. Sadly, back to the rack it went instead. Highly recommended!

Sasonger Tulle Dress ($168) by Weston Wear, TTS
Style #: 25896317; blue-green (105)

This morning I lamented Weston Wear’s use of rough hewn waists upon tulle skirts with the Flocked Sable Dress ($168). Now here’s another example, the Sasonger Tulle Dress ($168). Instead of a floral embroidered top this time it’s a polka-dot bodice with gathered knife pleats at the neckline. Cute!!! The dark teal color makes this festive in a more subtle way, perfect for those that like their holiday dresses to speak rather than shout.

This dress is appealingly knee-length and has the simple fit-and-flare shape that I love. The top portion is rough polyester that doesn’t feel great to the touch but the cute design more than makes up for it. There’s a cute little keyhole near the back neckline. I found my usual size medium to work best.

Yes, this dress could work for work and then for parties after. This might just be my work festivities frock! Wishlisted for now. (Why didn’t this cute dress make the catalogue, Anthropologie?)

Agnes Dot Chemise ($78) by Lili’s Closet, size down
Style #: 25674623; brown (020)

Let’s take a trip through the lounge section, shall we? Serious question: would you ever wear a delicate lace skirt like the one on the Agnes Dot Chemise ($78) to bed? Or is this really just a day dress masquerading as a nightgown? Or is the loungewear designation just an excuse to use a thinner fabric on top, making your bra visible? (Sorry again.)

Pros: the chemise has a beautiful scalloped neckline and a very cute diamond-lace skirt. Cons: the sleeves run very big and the waist sits a little too high. I found this dress to run big — the medium is very loose on me here. I would size down to a small to buy.

Throw a blazer on over this, add a long necklace and you’ve got a day look. Just be sure to layer a cami underneath. Sigh, Anthropologie. Wishlisted, waiting for sale.

Partridge Peck Chemise ($58) by Saturday/Sunday, TTS
Style #: 26373142; green (030)

There’s a trio of chemises in the Rockefeller Center (NYC) Anthropologie at the moment: the Partridge Peck Chemise ($58) I’m about to review, plus one with bikes on the skirt (bikes!!) and one with a black-and-white skirt that I can’t seem to find online right now. Or maybe deer are more your thing? Anyway of the three I liked this one the best due to the teal top. The chemise is soft pima cotton with comfy long sleeves and a waist that sits a little too high. The skirt is sewn on with a little band of pleats running about as you’ll see in my photo below.

There were only size smalls left in the store. A medium would be much better, my usual size. The top in the small was stretched too much and the skirt pulled up an extra 1/2 inch above my knee. I love the deep scoopneck.

I love the pattern on the skirt too…

…which is 1970s reminiscent to be sure. Adorable, no? And ready to be worn either at home or out into the world. I didn’t buy this right away but it is wishlisted.

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