Reviews: Glinted Sunset Shift, Plumes Kimono Midi Dress, Robin’s Egg Dress, Rosegold Stripes Dress, Embroidered Fountain Shift, Carmindy Dress, Mirela Silk Dress, Texcoco Tunic

A little sparkle and shine never hurt anyone. 
In this Anthropologie dress reviews set, the Glinted Sunset Shift ($228) and more.
Shown here with the Ivdel Cropped Jacket ($168), Winter Gemini Necklace ($58), 
Ostrich Pouf Clip ($28) and Bijou Toecap Pumps ($168).  

Dresses take the spotlight once again in this afternoon’s reviews set. What worked for me and what didn’t inside the post.

Glinted Sunset Shift ($228) by Corey Lynn Calter, size up
Style #: 26183905; red motif (069)

Note: If you’re wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they’re detailed on this page.

I’d been hoping Anthropologie would carry the Glinted Sunset Shift ($228) and am delighted to see my wish come true! I love the pinkish-orangey-reddish base and the mixed stripes of teal, silver and black. This would be such a fun New Year’s Eve dress, don’t you think? It’s cotton with just a hint of spandex. It’s fully lined but I must warn that the sequins will pinch, especially from the sleeves and against your arm. There’s a back zip and though it may not look like it from these photos the dress hits a couple of inches above my knees.

As much as I adore this dress I don’t think it’s made for anyone with a chest. In order to accommodate my hourglass I sized up to an 8. This worked fine around my hips and butt but the dress just drops straight down from the chest. So from the side the view was practically pregnant.

Here’s a better illustration:

There’s just so much extra room in the stomach. I’m not sure it could be tailored away. It’s a shame because there is some shape detailing on the dress — side darts to help the bust and two small tuck pleats in the back. But on my body this dress was a little too sacklike, especially from the side.

If you can get into this party this dress is a winner. Sadly, a pass for me.

Plumes Kimono Midi Dress ($198) by Corey Lynn Calter, size up
Style #: 26183509; green motif (038)

I had high hopes for the Plumes Kimono Midi Dress ($198) but they were somewhat dashed. This kimono-belted column dress is an atypical party frock that would stand out in a good way. I love the aqua base color, the gentle v-neck and the oversized dolman sleeves. It’s a polyester dress which is a bummer — I was hoping for silk.

This dress had some fit issues on me. I tried on a medium, my usual size. It was pretty tight around my hips The lining was even tighter, causing the skirt to go from an open bottom hem to pulling up in the back. Sizing up presented its own issue — the large was really loose up top. The solution would be to buy a large and tailor the top. Still I wish Ms. Calter allowed for just a bit more hip in her dress cuts.

Beautiful but needs some tailoring to work on curves. I’ll wait for sale on this one.

Robin’s Egg Dress ($378) by Erin Fetherston, size up
Style #: 26056358; blue (040)

Speaking of designers who cut narrowly through the hips, Anthropologie has welcomed Erin Fetherston’s Robin’s Egg Dress ($378) into stores. This dress looks like a simple shift from the front but has two huge bows in the back. I love how this dress looks aqua from afar but has tiny little brocade sparkles that catch the light exquisitely. I’m also very pleased to report that the torso on this dress is long enough! Miracle of miracles. On my short torso it was almost too long, not that I’m complaining.

I am in a 6 in the photos above. I clearly need to size up to an 8. The dress was way too tight around my hips. Other than that the fit is rather impressive. The higher bow in back is right where a bra strap crosses meaning you can wear a standard bra under this dress easily. There are darts and seams to help this dress sit right up against your body. I doubt I could eat a large meal in this frock.

Lovely, pricey and not quite curve friendly. But beautiful. Wishlisted!

Rosegold Stripes Dress ($198) by Sachin & Babi, TTS
Style #: 26118893; pink (066)

Sachin & Babi’s Rosegold Stripes Dress ($198) came a year too late for me — it was last year that I was in love with ballerina-like dresses. It doesn’t diminish the beauty of this frock, it just feels fashionably late to the party. Little lines of sequins run up and down the entire length. It can be worn either forward as a scoopneck or backwards as a gentle v-neck as the catalogue photo shows. The dress is entirely polyester which makes the pricetag rough. We have seen similar elsewhere for less, haven’t we?

Fitwise I found my usual 6 to be comfortably roomy. I would not size down — I think the skirt portion would have been too short. It hits just above my knees in my normal size. The scoopneck comes a little low which makes this an appealing date dress but not necessarily a holiday party dress for me. I was pleased that the material isn’t too stiff though it does float away from the body somewhat.

A cute dress, a high price. Wishlisted for reconsideration come sale time.

Embroidered Fountain Shift (now $90) by Tabitha, size up
Style No. #25471079; green motif (038)

When the Embroidered Fountain Shift (now $90) hit sale, I realized I hadn’t reviewed it. Since I tend to love Tabitha shifts I scampered around my local Anthropologies until I found my size hanging out on the sale rack. It was a quicker mission than I thought; I was surprised to see this dress plentiful in my stores last week. I’d find out why soon enough.

This dress is cotton but lacks the stiffness you usually find in Tabitha’s sheaths and shifts. So while most of their dresses hug your curves, this one sits away from the body. The high neckline has the slightest scoop to keep those of us prone to high-neckline gagging appeased. The dress hits right across the knees. The sleeveless cut covers the shoulders nicely and there’s a back zip to get in and out.

I sized up to an 8 for these photos and to my surprise it was really loose! At the neck and in the belly there was plenty of extra room. But of course my hips demanded the 8 so I wouldn’t be able to go down to my typical size 6. That left the overall fit less flattering than I’d hoped.

I was never totally into the front pattern anyway and the fit sealed the deal. Back to the rack.

Carmindy Dress ($168) by Moulinette Soeurs, TTS
Style #: 25573056; purple motif (059)

Tired of lace dresses yet? Hopefully not because the Carmindy Dress ($168) deserves consideration. This ultraflattering frock is a mix of pink and purple with a touch of holiday cheer. The universally enriching silhouette is thanks to the fit-and-flare shape, plus the lighter colored lace bodice which dips over the hips ever so slightly. The darker colored skirt is perfect for those curvy like me. And of course this dress hits at the knees, perfection.

I found a 6 to be right on in this cotton-nylon-poly dress. It’s worth noting that the back neckline can be turned around to the front — didn’t quite work on me as the modesty panel hit too low but on smaller busts it might work. Not that there’s anything wrong with the front scoop, which frames and flatters amazingly.

My only complaint? The colors of this dress. The pinkish hues are tough on my red-based skin, where the blues of veins show through too clearly at times and any reddish-pinks bring out the flush in my face a little too much. I would love to see the dress in another color combo, though I’m not quite sure what to suggest. Gold and a lighter yellow to keep it festive? Blues to make it more versatile? I’m open to ideas.

A beautiful, well-made dress. Just what I come to Anthropologie for. Bravo!

Mirela Silk Dress ($328) by Yoana Baraschi, TTS
Style #: 26082560; blue (040)

The Sunblaze Lace Dress ($328) gets a more winter-friendly cousin in the Mirela Silk Dress ($328) and we are better for it. I love blue/black combos and it lifts this dress into a more urban place even with the lace-embroidered mesh material. An extravagant design dances across the dress while the waist is defined by a medallion break and the sleeves flutter out slightly on the wings of dotted vines.

I found a size 6 to be fine, maybe even loose around the waist! I think a 4 would be problematic around my thighs though because the skirt falls straight so I’ll stick to my usual size 6. I love the way the sweetheart neckline sits though I had some trouble getting the sleeves to sit evenly. One wanted to be higher than the other. This would be a great Hanukkah dress or would work well for an office holiday party. I’m enthused!

Cool, chic and party-ready. Pricey? For sure, but worth it. Wishlisted!

Texcoco Tunic ($168) by Moulinette Soeurs, TTS
Style #: 25889650; ivory (011)

Technically a top, the Texcoco Tunic ($168) is more than long enough to wear as a dress if you stick with your usual size. I thought this was a dress at first! Anthropologie kills me a bit here — there’s no lining to this completely sheer top and it’s quite pricey given what it is. No denying that it’s beautiful, with a mix of white embroidery and occasional black panels. It’s made from nylon (sigh) and has a U-shaped tie-together in the back.

My usual size medium fit nicely. I like how this top has a slight a-line shape. I thought it would be easy enough to layer this over a slip and I was right. Sure you could go for basic black or ivory…but why? There are so many fun colors out there! I tried the tunic over the “red” Stand-in Slip (now $40), which reads as coral pink to me. It’s fun to pop a color below the top. I’d also wear this over blue, or gold, or silver, or purple. There are many possibilities here. On its own the tunic would hit high thigh on me. If you’re petite I think you could easily get away with wearing this as a dress. I need a longer layer underneath.

Too expensive at regular price but a sure pick-up on sale. For now? Wishlisted!!

I’ve been on a real dress tear lately — plenty more reviews available by clicking on the Reviews link in the navbar.


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