Perk alert! A 25% off full-price dress sale, with first dibs for anthro card holders!!

I’ve got good news and I’ve got great news. Let’s go the good route first: there’s a 25% off full-priced dress promotion that starts tomorrow! Even better news, anthro card holders get first dibs!!

How do anthro members get first dibs? The answer lies after the jump.

This promotion is will not show up on Anthropologie’s website until tomorrow. But if you’re an anthro program loyalty member you may be able to access the sale today! The perk for anthro card holders to access the dress promotion today is coming in the form of a one-time use code that’s being emailed out to anthro members right now. And if you’re like me you probably haven’t been getting these emails for the last few months.

Although Anthropologie’s community team stepped in to help me at one point I’m still only getting some of the emails and none of the anthro card holder emails. I’m happy to report that this one actually arrived for me!! HOORAY!!! Hopefully yours comes soon too. And luckily the community has really stepped up to help out. Several of you consistently forward me emails for which I’m eternally grateful! Today’s email also touches on the beautiful holiday windows in stores and has details on an upcoming sweater donation drive, see the full email here.

Having just purchased 3 Anthropologie dresses I wonder if I’ll be able to get a PA.

Let’s start with the dresses I’ve purchased, plus one that’s in my cart:

The Striated Lace Dress ($228, review) isn’t mine yet but I would love for it to come home! With $614 already invested though it would be really nice to get the $153.50 in price adjustments to put towards that last dress on my must-have right now list. If not I won’t be heartbroken but if so I’ll be eternally grateful.

Here are some of the other dresses that are high on my wishlist. I’d love to hear your picks in the comments!! Are you leaning towards a holiday party frock? Planning to invest in a Made in Kind piece perhaps? An eagle-eyed community member noticed that Anthro’s chemises are also included, will one of those sway you? Discuss away!

What dress will you buy with 25% off? Are you as excited about this delightful perk as I am? It may just push me into buying one more holiday dress from Anthropologie!


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