Metapost: Urban Camping with roxy!

Just like NYC used to be! Only, you know, taller and with cell phones.
photo by the Associated Press

Hello! This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m alive! And doing fine. As you’ve probably heard most of Manhattan below 34th St has been without power since Monday night. That includes roxyland, located down on Wall St. While the NYSE got help from massive generators so business could resume the plebes like me are just hunkered down in the dark as Con-Ed works around the clock.

For the last few days my dude, Cinnamon and I have been urban camping and it’s been so much fun! We’re in high spirits because compared to residents in Queens, Long Island and other surrounding areas we’re totally fine. My apartment is on a high floor so we’ve had plenty of light during the day…and trudging up and down 35 flights of stairs is quite the workout. We’ve been volunteering at some of the help centers in the city for people less fortunate than us, and playing board games and watching movies on our iPads by night. Cell phone service is spotty at best. (Really it was spotty even before power went out, AT&T.) And we’ve felt quite loved as our friends and family check up on us via text. Our reply? Send in an airdrop! We want Starbucks and cookies. I’ve also gotten a bunch of emails and tweets from community members and I just want to say thanks!!! It’s impossible to feel alone when such wonderful people are thinking of you.

NYC residents may seem surly regularly but in events like this we all band together nicely. For the past few days food trucks have flooded our neighborhood giving away free coffee and water, and offering discounts on their food. Yesterday a “charging van” came to our block so people could charge their cell phones, laptops, lanterns, whatever. One of my friends did food runs yesterday, driving his large truck to an Upper West Side cafe and picking up warm meals for no less than 15 friends. It truly warms my heart.

This past Monday EA turned 4!! I’m so excited and we’ll celebrate once things return to normal. Anthropologie also celebrated a birthday yesterday, happy belated to my favorite store!!

EA posting is going to be spotty at best over the next several days until power is back. I’ve got the regular posts queued up but nothing fresh at the moment. I hope you’ll all bear with me as we help NYC get back on its feet and enjoy the lack of connectivity for a few days. I’m responding to emails when I can but I cannot check often. Thanks for your patience, and feel free to use this post as open thread!

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