Made in Kind Reviews: Arrondissement Collage Shift, Lora Maxi Dress, Georgina Sweetheart Dress, Tabitha Dress, Tabitha Mini Skirt, Buckled Felt Skirt

I want to be in the same arrondissement as this dress.
It’s Tracy Reese’s Arrondissement Collage Shift ($298) paired with 
the Glinted Tea Rose Necklace ($58) and the Sheer Polka Dot Tights ($18).  

After attending the launch party for these new Made in Kind collaborations a couple of weeks ago, I headed back to the 5th Ave Anthropologie in NYC to try on some of the Timo Weiland and Tracy Reese pieces. Plus, one bonus skirt thrown into this reviews set.

Arrondissement Collage Shift ($298) by Tracy Reese, size up
A Made in Kind design
Style #: 26054890; multi (095)

Note: If you’re wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they’re detailed on this page.

Dearest, dearest Anthropologie. I have but one request. When you create designs like the Arrondissement Collage Shift ($298) which will vary from piece to piece, can it be someone’s job to make sure the pattern lies in a flattering way? For while I adore the dress, I was bummed that the only size 8 in the store had a strip of bright blue right across the bust. I would have preferred a solid smattering of red like the model got in the product shot. I do love all the patterns on this dress though, and I marveled at the way a waistband actually hits below my waist for the first time in forever at Anthro.

The dress is mostly silk crepe which is a fabric du jour. An exposed back zip is alright though a concealed zipper is always my preference. The sleeves are a good length, ending right at the bust. The scoopneck is very high.

Since this is a shift I knew I’d have to size up. I’m in an 8 above, one size above my usual 6. I would want one more size up to a 10 to buy — the 8 was tight across my hips and hopefully the 10 would also buy me a skirt closer to the knee. Aside from my complaint above about the pattern placement this dress is a delight. But I’m nervous to buy it from the website! I’d want to pick out my dress in person where I could decide on the most flattering pattern. I think this dress is such a delight. I love the patterns and think it’s young and fun without being over the top. I’d wear this constantly in the winter, making it worth the pricetag to me. Would it be too much to pair these with Ms. Reese’s wonderful Raja Glitter Pumps ($158)? I hope not.

Wishlisted and worth full price to me! So long as I can choose my dress face-to-face.

Lora Maxi Dress ($388) from Vessel by Timo, size up
A Made in Kind design
Style #: 26091512; navy (041)

Everyone was oohing and aahing over the Lora Maxi Dress ($388) with good reason! This beautiful maxi dress is made from luxurious silk and has an open yet demure top. A large tie covers the sizable keyhole, revealing only a hint of what’s behind that black ribbon. The lace portion of the top is lined and a long straight skirt cascades below. I was eager to try this dress on!

My midsection and this dress did not see to eye. Welcome to the place where a straight cut and a curvy body do not get along. The size 6 was pulling across my hips and tummy, necessitating an 8 if I choose to buy this dress. It seems lovely otherwise though, well-made and yes very pricey but such a unique and eye-catching design. Wear a chunky sweater over it to work, take that layer off when you go out later. The length is terrific! The dress just grazed the ground against my 5’8″ frame.

Cut straight; curves beware. Wishlisted but waiting for sale.

Georgina Sweetheart Dress ($298) from Vessel by Timo, TTS
A Made in Kind design
Style #: 26091660; green motif (038)

The Georgina Sweetheart Dress ($298) is a pretty fit and flare dress that terminates an inch or two above the knee. It’s begging for a belt, don’t you think? I love the top portion, which has black lace at the sides, a sweetheart panel in the same motif as the skirt and then a sheer panel up top. Sadly the sheerness does mean a bra will surely show through. The skirt is opaque silk with a lining that’s an inch shorter than the outer layer hem. (Why?!?)

I found a 6 to fit comfortably although once again I struck out with the pattern placement. The skirt seemed to purposely place the pattern to highlight my tummy. I do not need to highlight said tummy! Again I found myself wishing the pattern on mine was more like the model online. Boo. Aside from that this frock is so fun, with a slightly airy skirt and a flattering top portion.

Ready to come home, subject to pattern approval. Wishlisted!!

Tabitha Dress ($288) from Vessel by Timo, size down
A Made in Kind Design
Style #: 26091926; grey (004)

Made from the softest suede you’ll ever touch, the Tabitha Dress ($288) is already a winner just for its fabric. I love the braiding that weaves around the bodice as well as the lasercut floral pattern. The skirt on this dress is plentiful but not overly voluminous. The top has a sweetheart cut.

This dress runs big. The main issue I had was with the straps, which were so long on my usual size 6 that a wardrobe malfunction was a constant fear. The top kept sliding down, down, towards the ground. I see no way to adjust the straps and the top was loose anyway so a size 4 would have been better. And that means true size 0s and perhaps 2s are likely sized out. It should be noted that while adorable you can’t wear a standard or even a racerback bra with this dress without visible strap. Strapless will be your best option.

Cute but has fit issues. Will reconsider at sale time.

Tabitha Mini Skirt ($248) from Vessel by Timo, TTS
A Made in Kind design
Style #: 26091835; grey (004)

Mini? Not so much on this 5’8″ gal. No, the Tabitha Mini Skirt ($248) rested just an inch or so above my knee even with the skirt set just below my waist. Made from the same ultrasuede as the Tabitha Dress, this skirt has lovable pleats to lend a quieter shape. I adore the thick waistband and couldn’t help but twirl to and fro in the dressing room. The skirt is lined.

I found my usual size 10 comfortable, bordering on loose. I wish it had pockets though! This skirt has some pouf up at the waist. I would pair it with a sweater that hits right there to show off my hourglass shape.

Here’s a full length shot with the skirt. I love! Wishlisted.

Buckled Felt Skirt ($98) by Meadow Rue, TTS
Style #: 24949893; neutral (014)

I hate minis, but if a skirt has to be mini I guess it should be as cute as the Buckled Felt Skirt ($98). Would this skirt look just as cute at the knee? I’d argue YES emphatically. Still I have to admit it’s adorable now. Felt in two layers (with some really wonky asymmetry in the back) is accented by two faux buckles on the front. The buckles look cheap, cheap, cheap. Really disappointing. I’d think about replacing them with something nicer if I bought this. The underlayer is about 16″ long.

While this skirt fit me fine in my usual 10 around the waist and hips it barely cleared my bum, so it was up to a 12 I went for these photos. I’m wearing it as far down on my hips as possible and it’s still a good 4 inches or so above my knees. I would only wear this with tights.

Here it is full length. Cute? Yes. Practical? Eff no. I like it but I’ll wait for sale. And tights weather.


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