Guest Post: Southport (Chicago) Fall Anthropologie Fashion show by Rachel!!

Note: It’s a community guest post from Chicago! Enjoy these wonderful photos and brilliant takes from Rachel.

Last week, I finally made it to my very first Anthro event—the second annual fall fashion show at the Southport location in Chicago. I was actually so excited that I mistakenly showed up a week early and was disheartened to find out I had to wait another seven days, which also meant I had to come up with another outfit. Because the temperature was unseasonably high and scheduled to drop 30 degrees the next day, I decided to go ahead and squeeze one last wear of my Bike Lane Dress—so long, dear friend. Have a great hibernation and I’ll see you in June.

My friend Marti met me there promptly at 6 p.m. We had to wait a little bit outside while they finished setting up, but they soon ushered us in and we were pleased to find small party favors on our chairs—scarves! We looked at all of them and traded them around. It ended up being a smaller crowd than anticipated so I may have snuck another one in my purse by night’s end…

Marti and I took our seats in the front row and waited…and waited. We were temporarily satiated by a delicious assortment of cheese, crackers, and sweets. Oh, and rum-spiked cider in mason jars. Unfortunately, I was so busy stuffing my face that I never took a picture, but I’m sure it’s not unlike other gorgeous spreads we’ve seen in Anthro event reviews. We got seconds, and then we just got bored.

Finally around 7 p.m. the show kicked off. They first gave away four gifts from a raffle. There was a cooking basket, one with $250 worth of Aveda products, and two smaller ones with tights and accessories. I did not win, or else I’d have a picture. Then the models finally came out!

I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures from my iPhone.

1. First we had the Honeycomb Lace Dress ($288, roxy’s review), which was one of my favorites of the evening. If I could pull off yellow, which I can’t, I would have taken that baby home with me.

2. Next we had an outfit featuring the Pilcro Serif Paisley Cords ($98). I’m not really a fan of paisley, cords, or really pants for that matter, but I do think the model looked adorable–especially with the Ridgecrest Boots ($328), which would never fit over my calves, but we’ve already had that chat here on EA!

3. OK, I REALLY wanted to love the Carmindy Dress ($168). We’d been eyeing it on the mannequin while we waited, but I think that the cut is just too weird for an actual average human, especially one with hips. I didn’t even try it on because I didn’t want to deal with the disappointment. I really love the color, concept, and the way it paired with the Peony Printed Tights ($20), but sigh, not for me.

4. I didn’t really love this outfit. It felt like three different ideas put together, and I didn’t think the Charina Wingtip Heels ($128) really helped. The Wooly Crop Vest is cute, but perhaps a little too expensive for such a small piece of fabric. ($128)

5. Again, not a huge fan of the crazy pants like the Persimmon Paisley Crops ($118) and I thought the shoes looked like female genitalia…but I generally liked the top half of the outfit.

6. If you’re from Chicago like me, you’re always aware of orange and blue being too Bears-y and that was my first thought about this outfit. It was way too matchy-matchy for my liking, but separately, I really like this Odval Cardi ($118) and the (I think) Pilco Serif Velvet ($98) pants it was paired with.

7. I would totally wear this Lucia Delphinium Shawl Sweater. Alas, at $248 I can comfortably say I will not be investing in this comfy item, which—let’s be real—I could probably never pull off outside of my apartment.

8. Another good effort, but I just wish the Tiered Pointelle Sweater Dress ($148, roxy’s review) came in another color other than this dirty-gold-mustard. I know Roxy was lamenting the mustard, but seriously, stop it. I would look like throw up in this otherwise lovely frock.

9. I really love all of these pieces separately and think the model looks adorable in the Dotted Jacquard Sweater Skirt ($88, roxy’s review), but I probably would never think to mix them. Oh, Anthro, never change.

10. Hmm. This would be the Askew Kimono Tee ($78), which I don’t particularly understand. But loving the mint AG Stevie Ankles ($158).

11. Love the Embroidered Lace Pencil Skirt ($148, roxy’s review) and Sheer Scrollwork Pullover ($198), but I gotta ask—are socks with booties a thing? I’m probably not going to do that ever, sorry.

12. Another great Bailey 44 dress. Nothing more to say except that I am strangely attracted to that poncho wooly thing. It reminds me of something Belle wore in Beauty and the Beast.

Tinsel Stripe Column Dress ($188), ??? shawl.

13. How fierce is this model? Marti was wearing this Spun Sweater Skirt (now $40) in black and she was happy to see it on the runway. Probably not so happy to learn it’s on sale for a lot cheaper than she bought it the other month.

14. The Tiered Swing Sweater ($98) is so adorable. I want 12.

15. Here’s another sale find, the Seeped Sinopia Maxi Dress (now $100), proving that it can be relevant even as the weather cools down.

Seeped Sinopia Maxi Dress (now $100), Lapka Vest ($128), Tieback Booties ($308).

16. If I didn’t have hips, I would buy the crap out of this Hedgerow Corset Sheath ($158). Sigh.

17. I hope this is me when I grow up—how fantastic does she look in the Intarsia Dotted Sweater Dress ($148, roxy’s review)? I loved the diversity of age, race, and shape of the local models that they used. Just goes to show what we already know—their clothes are timeless!

18. Marti and I didn’t really love this outfit. The Crosshatched Ruffle Skirt ($168) is pretty puffy and we generally felt pretty meh about the whole ensemble

19. And finally, the show ended with the gorgeous Striated Lace Dress ($228, roxy’s review)! We were sad that the green Caridad Ruffle Dress ($198) didn’t make an appearance, but as of last week they hadn’t received it in store.

And then they set us free to shop! I tried not to buy anything but walked away with the va-va-voomish Cross Front Jersey Dress (now $50) and Lawn Party Dress—both of which are on super sale. I did however have to try on the Striated Lace Dress ($228, roxy’s review) and my new love, the Lace-Yoke Dress ($138).

And that concludes my first Anthro fashion show wrap-up! I hope to be invited to more events in the future, and maybe even bug Roxy again to let me post:)

Happy shopping!

Rachel is a native Chicagoan who moved to an apartment based off of its 0.8-mile proximity to an Anthropologie. She doesn’t regularly blog, but invites you to follow her on Twitter, @rskybetter. Don’t worry, I’ll accept anyone who sends a request.

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