Welcome to the new Effortless Anthropologie!

Good morning, and welcome to the newly redesigned Effortless Anthropologie! 

It’s the same EA you love but with a pretty new outfit on. This update has been in the works for several weeks and I’m thrilled to unveil it to the community!! Unlike previous redesigns where I’ve done nearly all the work myself, this time around I handed the reins over to the amazing and talented Amanda of Lust Luxe Love. Amanda has been fantastic to work with and I can’t recommend her enough! She’s translated the design ideas I had beautifully and in ways I never could myself. Right now you’ll notice she’s temporarily listed as a blog admin while this upgrade project continues.

The blog design update project will unfold over the next few days. We’re aware that some things aren’t working correctly yet or don’t quite look right. Key features like the navigation bar and the blogroll will be back to normal working order in the coming days. I appreciate your patience as we wrap up the upgrade. If you see anything that looks off, feel free to email me directly and let me know.

Let’s talk about some of the great new things, shall we? First, we’ve condensed nearly all my social media links into one place — the black & white round buttons you see at the top right of the sidebar. So now you can visit me on {deep breath}: Facebook // twitter // Pinterest (newly joined! boards coming soon) // tumblr // chictopia // instagram // Polyvore with just the click of a button.

Another new feature is the footer. If you scroll allllllllll the way down past yesterday’s mammoth sale post you’ll see shortcuts to some of my favorite features like my OOTD/features tumblr and a new Ask Roxy feature (a feature which will be active in the coming days, the link doesn’t work quite yet!). Use that Ask Roxy feature to ask for styling help, buying ideas, really anything you can think of that you don’t mind having published as a question.

My hope for this design is that the photos and content really shine through with few distractions. I also hope that the blog will be easier to navigate as it continues growing from just a collection of posts into an interactive community site. Eventually my tumblr and blog will live under one roof, but for now they’re like two wings of a house.

Most importantly, I’d love to know your thoughts on the redesign! It may take a few days to get comfortable with everything which is perfectly normal. What do you think of the new look?

This community is a wonderful group and I can’t thank you enough for sticking with EA. I’m thrilled to have you here and appreciate your participation and feedback more than words can adequately express. You rock!

I’ll be back with a reviews set later today.

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