Reviews: Apiary Tank, Calexico Tee, Trina Slub Pullover, Pocketed Peasant Blouse, Color Swatch Tee, Nocturnal Wings Tank

This top is flattering and slimming. Read on for the full review of the Calexico Tee (now $40).

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Anthropologie is putting some of their stuff on sale faster than I can review it! This round of tops includes options both full-price and marked down. Let’s get right to it!

Apiary Tank (now $50) by Girls From Savoy, size up
STYLE #24571085; blue motif (049)

Girls From Savoy has the market cornered on cute tanks with sweetheart necklines. The Apiary Tank (now $50) is the latest version and like its predecessors it’s unbelievably cute. It’s fashioned from two types of cotton: a textured, egg-carton-like version on most of the top and the lighter chiffon-like cotton that trims the neckline. Two thick straps cover a bra nicely but unfortunately the back is tricky — more on that below.

I grabbed my usual size 6 to try on. I feel like it looks too tight on me. So I’m sizing up to an 8 to buy. There’s smocking in the back to help fit a variety of chest sizes which I like. The top comes on and off pullover style and has some nice details, like the split-panel corset and a high defined waist that makes the flared bottom seem almost peplum. I am very happy with the length of this top; it ends between the hip and the widest part of my thighs. The straps were an issue for me though…

On the top I tried on the straps were ridiculously long. After some fidgeting I realized that the bow in the back is actually where the straps end, so I untied what was done and pulled the slack down. But then the back looked funny. So it will take some work to get the straps to the exact length you need.
Here’s a shot of the back of the top. Notice the lovely low scoop, which means a regular bra is a no-can-do. It’s annoying but I think the back is so pretty that I’m willing to overlook it. Now that this top is on sale it’s coming home with me. Rachel from Promises Like Pie Crust also recently wore this top in a super cute outfit!
Calexico Tee (now $40) by Weston Wear, size down 
STYLE #24940140; red motif (069)
Red isn’t a clothing color that I’m drawn to. It was the pattern of the Calexico Tee (now $40) that provoked me to try it on. I love the southwestern flavor presented in mixed patterns of zigzags, spades and, umm, abstract blobs. Weston Wear put a deep scoop into the top which shows off collarbones beautifully without revealing too much. The top is nice and long and though it’s tiered it’s amazingly streamlined. No bulk to speak of. It is however a poly top, made from rayon and spandex. Shudder. 
A small seemed to work best on me in this top. I wish the sleeves were a bit longer but I’m otherwise very happy. The top nips in slightly at the waist to hug your shape. It has some stretch but not so much to lose its shape. One downside is that the hem on each tier is unfinished. I would recommend spraying it with some fabric protectant so it doesn’t unravel.
There have been some complaints lately about the quality of Weston Wear items — in particular the Soft Structured Dress and Gathered Hemlock Dress were prone to pilling and stretching. There have also been a few reports of color bleeding. In terms of their tops I’ve never had a problem (I have one WW top from 2007 that’s still going strong!) but it’s something to keep in mind. For me this is a winning top that will come home with me soon.
Trina Slub Pullover (now $40) by Eloise, size down
STYLE #24795437; turquoise (046) or ivory (011)
The Trina Slub Pullover (now $40) is ostensibly a loungewear piece but I think it easily transitions to regular wear. Being a slub tee it’s kinda shapeless and on the thin side but it’s also dreamy and romantic and man I wish this came in a blouse version! Why must you taunt us so Anthropologie? The ivory version was very thin so I decided to try on the turquoise version in store…but c’mon, this is teal not turquoise.
I tried on a medium and it was really loose, nearly tumbling off my shoulders. I would purchase this top in a small. It’s very long — I would pair this top with a pair of dress shorts and wear it out on a summer evening date. I love the scalloped sleeves and the wide neckline, though I did find it spilled down in a way that fell between my breasts, which I hate. A cami underneath or a different bra will solve that.
This is yet another top I love! The full price was crazy but on sale it’s a bit easier to swallow. Maybe I should have given this top a bad review to ensure inventory sticks around — I’m waiting for it to hit second cut before I buy.
Pocketed Peasant Blouse ($128) by Isato, TTS
STYLE # 25377045; neutral motif (015)
Feel free to make jokes as you wish, but in trying on the Pocketed Peasant Blouse ($128) I discovered that I’ve got a big head. Personally I’ve always thought my head was a bit small for my body but I had such a rough time getting this top over my head that I’m now convinced my megalomania has induced bobblehead proportions. Can we get a phrenologist on this?? (For reference, I wear a 7.5 baseball cap/riding helmet. Whatever.) Or maybe a button on the neckline to allow some expansion for big ol’ heads like mine?
Anyway, this blouse is just lovely. I can’t say this style is something I usually reach for. It’s the colors that drew me in. I love the mix of black and golden brown embroidery. I love the brilliant use of pink and turquoise (this one’s actually turquoise, not teal!) at the hemline and blue at the neckline. I love the large sling pockets and the light cotton material.
I found a medium to fit once I finally got this top on. I would recommend waiting to do your hair or makeup until after you get this over your head. It’s close at the hips but perfect everywhere else. As you can see the top falls straight from the shoulders on down and I like the look with slim jeans quite a bit. This top went straight to my wishlist, waiting for either a future spending budget or (hopefully) a move to sale soon.

Color Swatch Tee ($58) by one.september, TTS
STYLE # 25081613; grey motif (008) or neutral motif (015)
I tried on the Color Swatch Tee ($58) more as a matter of record than out of personal interest. As I mentioned in my June catalogue preview post I did not expect this top to be flattering on me. A thinly pleated tank that tiers out towards the bottom? Look, I like my curves but I don’t need to look like a triangle during the day! I do however think this would make a fantastic layering top when worn under a blazer or cardi. So there are options for this. And if you have more a boyish figure this could be a great way to add curves. A friend of mine owns this because it covers the belly she thinks she has.
The top is a rayon/spandex/polyester confection that is dry clean-recommended due to the intense hues of the sewn-on swatches. I hate the weird pintucking on the shoulders but I love the length and the two curved seams in the back that are deltoid displays of sorts.
Though many of the product reviews online have said size down for me my usual size medium was a necessity. A small would have stretched the pleats to ungodly degree over my hips. This top deserves much praise for playing around with the architectural design aesthetic I love. But I am disheartened that it’s not flattering on curves by itself. Boo. A good layering option that may come home with me on sale. Wishlisted for now.
Nocturnal Wings Tank ($48) by Awake, size down
STYLE # 24920613; grey motif (owl, 008) or black motif (birds, 009)

The Nocturnal Wings Tank ($48) is supposed to be a loungewear item and apparently that’s an excuse to make it really sheer. Like OMG sheer. I am dubious. The top is really cute and would be a perfect summer top. But who wants to layer in 100-degree heat? Not me. Curiously the back is downright opaque, with a tie-up vent and slight racerback shape. Made from rayon and a delicate poly, handwashing is recommended.

I found myself able to size down easily in the owl grey motif version I tried on. I’m wearing a small in the shots above. I apologize for the visible bra but at least you get an idea of what shows through, aka everything. I should just wear this to the airport so the TSA doesn’t have to body scan me next trip. I like this top but sheer breaks the deal for me — back to the rack it goes.

The skirt paired with the top is the Dilated Lace Skirt ($148) which I reviewed in this recent set. Coming up tomorrow, an all Ric Rac reviews set! 

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