Metapost: Administrative Notes, Ask Roxy, and the return of Styled!

Work on the redesign installation of Effortless Anthropologie continues. This post is an update on where we stand, what’s to come, and how you can be featured in an upcoming post!

First, thank you to everyone who’s sent me feedback on the redesign via comments, emails, tweets and FB messages. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive which I’m thrilled about! A ton of work went into not just the look and feel but also the placement of elements and widgets. I hope that the new design will be a streamlined and easier-to-navigate experience, at least within the confines of what Blogger allows us to do. I welcome your suggestions as well for how the design could be further improved — I can’t promise we’ll make every requested change but we will absolutely track requests and make adjustments where it makes it sense.

This redesign was made possible because of community support. Your support of the affiliate links, sponsors and advertisers, as well as of the content itself helps me grow the blog and run awesome contests. (Like a contest I have coming up in a couple of weeks!) Thank you for sticking with EA and being part of this thriving community!

A few quick announcements:

  1. Ask Roxy is now live! You can reach the Ask Roxy page via the link in the footer of EA or via my tumblr’s homepage. You can ask about particular items, how to style something, outfits for occasions, where you should stay/eat/shop in NYC, what Broadway show to see, my favorite hiking trails in Colorado/Kauai/Los Angeles, anything you don’t mind having published really. No need to limit the questions to Anthropologie! I’m aiming for a 7-day turnaround from question to answer. I’m learning how the Ask feature works on the fly, so please bear with me. Answers may run here on EA or on my tumblr, or both.
  2. Speaking of my tumblr, like EA it just underwent a redesign. Stop on by and say hello! Are you enjoying Pattern Mixing Week (which is now stretching into a second week…)?
  3. The Blogrolls are back! They’re now living in the sidebar tab box, which is the box that has my roxyturtle logo in it. They’re boringly called Blogroll1 and Blogroll2 for now. If you’d like to be added to the EA blogroll, email me to request some link love. All blogs are considered but not every blog is added.

And finally, I’m dusting off some woefully forgotten features on EA and returning them to their rightfully active status. But I need your help! Being featured on EA is a fantastic way to organically grow your own blog, show off your styling skills, or just participate in the community for fun!

First up from the dustbin is Styled. This category involves showing items on real people and through Polyvore sets. Beginning next week I’ll be running some new Polyvore sets and want to include sets by the community!! Call for submissions run in the Effortless Anthropologie group on Polyvore, and I’m re-running them below. I am happy to swap out the Polyvore product links in favor of your affiliate links…just email me the links that go with your set.

I’m also looking for photo inspiration for these calls — so if you own any of the items mentioned feel free to send me a Reader Outfit or a photo you found online incorporating the items below. For photos you find please be sure to link me to the source.

Accepting submissions up through 7/27/2012

Hi all! I’m looking for community submissions to feature in a few upcoming posts on EA.

Please construct a set using a Chambray Shirt. The shirt doesn’t have to be from Anthropologie but at least one item in your set MUST be from Anthro. I’m looking for workwear and weekend sets.

Please construct a set showing how you can wear the Eyelet Branch Halter Dress in summer & fall. You can do two sets if necessary (i.e. now and later, one set for summer and one for fall).


Please construct a set utilizing the Splendid Carribean Flat Sandals. I’ve clipped the sandals to my items or you can clip them on Shopbop. Outfit can be casual, dressy, whatever!!

I’ll be back later today to play the Sale Guessing Game! Cheers to a wonderful community.

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