Eye Candy: EA Shopping Day @ Rockefeller Center Anthropologie

1 – On the left dress form: Patched Surplus Jacket ($138), Bea Embroidered Blouse ($128), Knit Harem Pants ($58). On the right dress form: Sky Trails Maxi Dress ($168),
Natural Wonders Necklace ($298). 2 – Beautiful cylindrical lanterns on one store display.
3 – One of Anthropologie’s famous window displays featuring butterflies carrying suitcases
off somewhere fantastic, I’m sure. The dress is the Feline Karma Dress ($148).
4Piped Pullover ($88), Citizens Of Humanity Printed Avedon Skinny ($189), ??? necklace.
5 – Two from the group look for pieces to try on.  

This past weekend a small group of community members gathered at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie store in New York City for a Saturday of shopping and styling. The staff at Anthro’s NYC flagship store was kind enough to set aside fitting rooms for us and to have runners and personal shoppers available to help us create looks. It was a fantastic time as always filled with wishlists brought to life, some unexpected finds and each of us being pushed outside of our comfort zones. By all accounts it was a fantastic time! This special edition Eye Candy post examines some of our favorite items from the try-on session.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie! They helped put together a fabulous event on short notice for which I am incredibly grateful. And thanks to all of the fabulous ladies who attended!! You can rest assured that reviews are upcoming for nearly all the items featured within this post, beginning tomorrow!

The complete group! From left: Nicole, Bronzi in the Elixir Loop Top ($78),  
Usha in the Feline Karma Dress ($148), Clara in the Twinkle & Gleam Pullover (now $40), 
OOTD upcoming, Liza in the Jojo Blazer ($168) and Jojo High Waist Shorts ($88),
Kim, Jennifer in the Polka Dotted Mini Dress ($178), me (roxy!) in the Slanted Layers Tee ($48).

The tall gals! From left: Bronzi in the Elixir Loop Top ($78), 
Clara in the Twinkle & Gleam Pullover (now $40) and  Feline Karma Dress ($148)
and Slouchy Bow Belt ($38), Kim in the Beaded Abraxas Top ($58),
me in the Slanted Layers Tee ($48) and Seamed Cargo Pants ($118).
I love how Clara’s outfit is so sparkly and cute! I was inspired to pick up the Pullover for myself.

The petites representing! From left: Nicole in the Striped Spinnaker Blazer ($98),
Yaffa in the Polka-Dotted Dress ($168), Jennifer in the Striped Spinnaker Blazer ($98)
and Pick-Stitched Mini Skirt (now $40), Usha in the Onyx Scalloped Blouse ($118)
and Jojo High Waist Shorts ($88).

One dress many ladies were eager to try was the Oleander Openwork Shift ($188).
Here, Usha and Jennifer try it on in black. You can read my full review here.
Usha took her usual size. Jennifer went up one size from usual.
For both ladies, the main sizing consideration was fit around the hips — same as me.

The tall and the petite of it! Usha and Clara delighted us in the Trails Skater Dress ($198). Usha accessorized with the Tossa Belt ($38), while Clara chose the Ikia Platforms ($268)
and the Wooden Pennant Necklace (now $30). 

You ladies know how much I love the Tulip Lace Shell ($68, review here and OOTD here)!
I love how this shell looks over a dress as I showed in my OOTD post.
How cute does it look over the Trails Skater Dress ($198) with a belt?
We all loved the look.

Kim was interested in the Dilated Lace Skirt ($148, review here)
but wasn’t sure what to pair it with. She asked for a button-down shirt
and the Rockefeller Center team brought back two options.
First a more casual button-topper, the Pindot Chambray Shirt ($88, review here).
Kim took her usual size in both. She works in a more conservative office environment
and needs skirts to the knees and tops that are cute but not too loud or sheer.

And for a second look, Kim tried the Dilated Lace Skirt ($148, review here)
with the pink version of the Floral Hanalei Buttondown ($78).
You’ll note the top is tied at the waist — this was a common sight on Fall 2012 runway shows
and I expect we’ll see it quite a bit on clothing sites for fall too!
Kim took her usual size in the top.

The staff also had Kim try a dress. This is the Flared Anabelle Dress ($198).
Though Kim wasn’t into the style (too much midcentury, not enough modern),
she was impressed by the fit and comfort. Kim went down one size.

Though the newest items were forefront on our minds, we also made sure to hit
Rockefeller’s amazing sale room. Here Yaffa looks fantastic
in the full-priced Descending Peplum Blouse ($138) and the
on-sale Pin-Dot Petite Skirt (now $70), cinched with the Gleam Bark Belt ($58).
That this skirt came in petites only is a tragedy of epic proportions, Anthro.

Liza, our excursion organizer, tried on a combo of casual and more dressy.
First up is the Scalloped Shell ($68) in peach with the same Seamed Cargo Pants ($118)
that I tried higher up in the post. We both loved them, though Liza was happy to find out
the pants come in petite sizes too!  

Later Liza tried the Lilium Shirtdress ($148) which Anthropologie proclaims
to be 36″ long on their website — no way according to our petite model here.
I want to mention that Liza is wearing her own sandals here,
because few Anthropologie stores carry her size 5.5.
Not even plentifully-stocked stores like the Rockefeller Center store.

It was such a joy to meet my style & sometimes size twin Bronzi! I bet if we combined
our closets we’d have one killer Anthropologie-stocked wardrobe.
One dress the Rockefeller team had Bronzi try was the Denim Shirtdress ($128).
The dress is sad sack on its own so Bronzi added the Tossa Belt ($38).
She went down a size in both the dress and the belt.
A short time later Bronzi tried the Crimson Ponte Dress ($158).
While she liked the dress itself Bronzi hated the gold buttons on the sides.
So much so that she’d wait for sale and get the buttons changed for something less gaudy.

Jennifer felt self-conscious in this dress (“I look like Sally Draper!” she said)
but we all thought she looked wonderful! It is certainly a young look but sometimes
it’s fun to play up how young and beautiful we look.
Jennifer is in the Shapes Collared Mini Dress ($298) with a mystery necklace.

Usha won the print-mixing contest in this fashion-forward summer suit option.
The top layers are the Jojo Blazer ($168) and Jojo High Waist Shorts ($88)
worn with a top that I can’t seem to find on Anthro’s site.

Usha also bravely tried on a jumpsuit — I’ll have some jumpsuit love of my own
in an upcoming review. Usha’s in the Katydid Poplin Jumpsuit ($148),
which she found to be the perfect length with a pair of heels.
Considering her petite stature that means talls like me probably don’t have a shot
(and makes one wonder how Anthro got the model shot).
Between my frantic review photos, the ladies were kind enough to snap a couple of my looks.
First it was dots upon dots, with the Onyx Scalloped Blouse ($118) also seen on Usha
at the top of the post and the grey pin-dot AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle ($178).
I’m wearing my usual sizes in both — a 6 in the top and a 31 in the pants. 
The heels are the Ikia Platforms ($268), which you can see up close here.

Just for kicks, I decided to try on the J Brand Mini Floral Skinnies ($202)…and I kinda liked them!
I had to size up to a 32 from my usual 31. More in my full upcoming review.
I paired the skinnies with the Covell Cardigan ($118) which I took in my usual medium
and the Poinciana Lace Tank (now $20) also in a medium. The tops were ragged in the sale room
but I managed to find one that wasn’t ripped. Again my shoes are the Ikia Platforms ($268).

View the day’s full slideshow here. You don’t have to be a blogger to have a personal shopping session at your local Anthropologie store! Just call and ask to speak with the personal shopper who will gladly set up a session for you, or for a group.

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