{Weekly} Popbacks Open Thread

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By request of the comes this weekly post. Please use this post to list website popbacks that you see on your wishlist, via search engines, or in your shopping cart. Popbacks go very quickly but hopefully by having them in one place will be helpful. Please do not use this post for store sightings — those should go into the weekly Weekend In-Store Community Post which runs on Fridays at 12:05 PM ET.

What is a popback? It’s an item that is no longer accessible through Anthropologie’s product sections, sale or search because it previously sold out. Now the item has “popped back” into stock in select sizes and colors but does not show up on the website like other products do. These items are either found through people’s wishlists, their online shopping carts, clicking through affiliate links on my old sale posts, or search engines. 

Here is a general sample for how to post a popback (note: this is not an actual popback, just a sample!):
Veiled Alder Dress, $298
STYLE #22887426
dark grey
sizes: 2, 6, 8
find it on my public “Effortless Dresses” wishlist by searching for snapsparkchik@gmail.com

And here’s a sample for a sale item (note: this is not an actual popback, just a sample!):
Elevenses High-Waisted Trousers, now $30
STYLE #21313945
dark denim
sizes: 4T, 10T
find it on my public “More Effortless” wishlist by searching for snapsparkchik@gmail.com

If possible please include a product photo with your popback. Not sure how to include a photo in a comment? Here’s a tutorial.

If you claim a popback please respond to the original comment. 

1 – Call Anthropologie’s order line at (800)-309-2500. You’ll need the style # to place your order.
2 – If you have the item saved to your own wishlist log in, go to your wishlist, add to cart and checkout!
3 – If the item is on someone else’s public wishlist, below is a mini-guide on how to find the item.
4 – Google/Bing the product name + Anthropologie (i.e. “Veiled Alder Dress Anthropologie”) and choose the result that takes you to the product page.

How to find a public Anthropologie.com wishlist :: Effortless Anthropologie
click on the photo to zoom

1 – Log into your Anthropologie.com account.
2 – Go to the Wishlist page on Anthropologie’s website.
3 – The bottom right box is called “Find a Person” (boxed in red in the photo above). Click on the blue search button.
4 – Paste the email address of the person whose wishlist is public in the “email” field and click “search.”
5 – The search results should give you a person’s name. Click on that. Then choose the correct wishlist.
6 – Once you find the item you want, add it to your cart. Once it’s in your cart you can save it to your own wishlist, save it for later, or delete it.

**IMPORTANT** – if an item is OUT OF STOCK you WILL NOT be able to add it to your cart from another wishlist.

If there is other information you’d like me to cover here just let me know in the comments! This post runs every Friday.

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