{BHLDN}: Ready, set, SALE!

With the holidays coming up I’m on the hunt for a few pretty party frocks and accessories. I guess the team over at BHLDN read my mind — they’re holding their first ever online sale! To thank all the customers on their mailing list for their loyalty and interest, BHLDN has sent out a special sale link 72 hours before the public unveiling. The community team from Anthro’s vowel-challenged sister store was nice enough to send along a link for EA readers so we have a chance to browse the best selection.

The sale includes choices from every facet of BHDLN’s repertoire, from dresses and fascinators to party decor and wedding adornments. I’ve highlighted several of my sale lusts below. Will you be partaking in the sale goodness too?

Every year I attend a themed holiday party and rumor is this year’s theme
is Candyland. I can’t think of a better dress to evoke confectionery goodness.

Governors Island (just off the southern tip of Manhattan) holds a jazz revival day
twice a year, complete with full band and dancing.
This dress would make the perfect period outfit. 

I confess to loving anything that drips with jewels.
Since I can only lust after the likes of Elizabeth Taylor’s collection,
perhaps this delightful collage will do the trick.

Because a flower makes any outfit better.

Just the right finishing touch for a memorable party look!

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