Anthropologie wants to charm us

When Anthropologie’s new charm collection was unveiled several of the pieces seemed familiar to me. A few days later I realized why — the pieces are all designed or discovered by John Wind of Maximal Art, who I had the pleasure of interviewing last year. Mr. Wind is mostly known among Anthro fans for his amazing initial necklaces. Now he and Anthropologie have collaborated again on a collection of tiny charms and trinkets fit to tie around your neck. I’ve received several emails asking about the collection so I headed to my nearest Anthro to take a peek.

I have to imagine that most Anthro fans grew up loving charm bracelets and the like as I did. Growing up my friends and I would scour craft stores for just the right charms. Then the next day at school we’d barter charms back and forth with the goal of making the coolest charm collection ever. We’d rotate novelties each day, keeping three on our necklace or bracelet while the rest waited at home.

Anthro has a collection of chains and initials to start with though you can use your own chain if you choose. Then it’s time to pick the right decoration pieces to showcase. While the collection online seems small (or well curated if you like) in store there were plenty of delights to choose from. In fact I was a bit overwhelmed at first.

Seeing the collection in the Soho Anthropologie (NYC) the other day I was transported back to childhood. Charms are back in a big way so I’m not surprised to see Anthro take on the trend. I love all the little details Anthro captured in its collection. The charms themselves are just far enough off the beaten path to feel new: a dog whistle, a ladder, a polished stone (it’s light), a feather and a collection of small baubles just to name a few. Even the blister cards holding each item are adorable.

It’s a nice collection of whimsy. I would love to see Anthropologie and Mr. Wind bring back the initial necklaces, as my “T” and “R” have both gone missing. Until then this charm collection will be just the thing to tide me over.

Artist Interview: John Wind/Maximal Art

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