Like music to our ears: Listen to EA and Anthroholic live!

Oh ladies, I have some exciting news. This Sunday Kim from Anthroholic and I will be the special guests on The Dereck and Kay Internet Radio Show! At 7:45 PM (ET) we’ll be chatting all things Anthropologie — our favorite items, store adventures, events, and all things having to do with the flowy. If you’ve ever wondered what we sound like now’s your chance to find out.

Best of all, we’re looking for community participation too! You’ll be able to call into the show starting around 7:50 or so to ask us your questions via Dereck and Kay’s hotline: (661) 467-2416. You can listen to the show right through your computer via this link. Radio always comes with some unexpected moments and I’m sure there will be a few this weekend. It will be an awesome way to spend your holiday Sunday.

Kim and I are so excited to be doing this show! It’s as close as we’ve come to meeting so far and it will be a great opportunity to meet many of you as well. I hope that you’ll be listening and will call in with questions. I’m doubly excited to relive my radio days — in college I was a DJ at our killer radio station and it’s where my nickname roxy comes from.

Dereck and Kay’s show begins at 7 PM ET. Join us on Sunday night for some Anthropologie chatter!

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