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After much too long of a wait, we finally held the second Styled with Anthro day last Saturday at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie! True to form it was an awesomely fun event featuring the incredible NYC Personal Shopper team. They truly rolled out the red carpet for our group and I could not be more thankful or humbled.


The event was planned by Liza, a community member visiting NYC from out of town. We wanted to keep the group small (around 15) to ensure everyone got personal attention. Liza contacted Rockefeller Center ahead of time to let them know a group was coming, and the SA she spoke to kindly offered to have a personal shopper on-hand. I was happily surprised when we showed up on Saturday to find 4 Personal Shoppers from the NYC stores and 1 fantastic SA devoted to us! I can’t thank them enough — especially since they all came in on a Saturday, normally one of their days off. 

Our shopping group included Spiffy from Where the Lights Are Bright, 13 from Thirteen Pounds, Kelly from Fashion Fuel, Jewish Girl from Stuff Jewish Girls Like, and a fashionable group on non-bloggie ladies.

The day started with a tour of the store. I know this sounds silly since most of us live in the city but it was really fun and helpful. Head Personal Shopper Jeff Banks — my partner in crime — led us through the home section and the Rockefeller Anthropologie gallery which currently has a perfume exhibit. I expressed my undying love for the Le Labo concrete medallions ($28) while the group tested exotic aromas from around the world.


The highlight of the room were the beautiful flowers growing over a large centerpiece. Anthro did a great job putting together an experience around the scents.

Of course we were all really there for the clothing. After a few rounds of the store to pick up massive piles of clothing to try on, we headed down to Pod 3 of the fitting rooms to start the fashion show. The Personal Shopping team was on-hand not only to help us style the pieces we’d chosen, but also to show us some items we wouldn’t have normally grabbed. As mentioned during the spring fashion show, Anthropologie’s focus this spring is longer silhouettes and an emphasis on tops. So we tried on lots of maxi skirts, embellished tops and some dresses too. The team showed us work, party and casual looks. Plenty of pictures after the jump!

We entered the fitting room to find a delectable spread set out for us. 
Muffins, bagels, coffee, tea, juice, sparkling water — it was all there!
I love how the Anthropologie team used one of their own displays to store all the goodies. 
Coolest buffet-style breakfast ever!
Our amazing team of Anthropologie personal shoppers,
there to help us create outfits, find sizes,
and push us outside of our clothing comfort zone.

We had to get a group shot in of course, so we chose two of the most popular dresses from the session to try. The personal shopping team styled us each a bit differently to show off the versatility of the pieces. As you can see, we had many different sizes, body types, heights and ages represented in our group. I loved it!

The long dress is the A-Different-Stripe Maxi Dress ($138) by Deletta, which the ladies found true to size. It was equally flattering on curves and straight shapes. The stripes start thinner up top and become wide and bold down the dress. This helps create a very flattering silhouette. I immediately wanted a beach day to show that dress off!

The shorter dress is Moulinette Soeurs’ Diamond Lattice Dress ($158). This dress was true to size but static-y around the bottom. I also found the lining to be oddly tight, though I later discovered it was thanks to the security sensor which had caught more of the lining than it was intended to.

Kelly wears the A-Different-Stripe Maxi Dress ($138) 
with the Galaxy Scarf ($58).
Jennifer wears the Diamond Lattice Dress ($158) with the By the Day Jacket ($78),
a bag set to debut online in a couple of weeks and the Calabasas Clogs ($228).
13 wears the A-Different-Stripe Maxi Dress ($138)
with the Cropped Wisley Blazer ($118).

Spiffy is in the Diamond Lattice Dress ($158) and the Calabasas Clogs ($228).

Liza wears the A-Different-Stripe Maxi Dress ($138) with
2 Pigeon Pea Necklaces ($48) and a clutch that will be online soon.

Our group mills about Pod 3 of the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie
dressing rooms.
JG sneaks in a shot of the Tippi Dress ($268) for her blog.

left: Usha in the Sidewalk Cafe Blouse ($68) and the Ackee Pencil Skirt.
center: JG in the the Tippi Dress ($268).
right: Alison in the Fountain of Youth Dress ($128). 

Steph found an Autumn Obi Top (now $40) chilling on the sale rack.
Lucky duck! 

13 in the Geo Feather Blouse ($98) and the Lengthening Rays Skirt ($128).

Harriet (left), one the Soho Personal Shoppers, was wearing what 
we all thought was a dress. Turns out it was a maxi/top combination!
Here she and Usha are being outfit twins.
Top: Printed Boy Tee, Sailboats ($38). 
Skirt: Patagonian Maxi Skirt ($88).
Scarf: Ostrich Scarf ($198).

Kara shows off the Camara Shell ($78), which runs large.

Usha (far left) is wearing the popular A-Different-Stripe Maxi Dress ($138).
Kara is in the Kingston Road Dress ($228).
Steph wears the Hydrangea Petals Maxi Dress (now $100), 
which she and I went crazy for after seeing it on a SA. It runs tight in the bust.
Alison is in the Parading Hues Dress ($138).
13 has the Who’s-Got-The-Button Top ($58) paired with the Seamingly Maxi ($98). 

Alison rocks the Cropped Wisley Blazer ($118) over the Cygnus Tank ($88), 
paired with the J Brand Gigi Crops ($158) and the Calabasas Clogs ($228).

Steph shows off the Crochet Caricature Blouse ($138) 
with the Wallflower Skirt (now $70).

Usha paired an unknown top with the Macias Maxi Dress ($228) worn as a skirt. 
The look is finished with the Media Via Belt ($32) 
and a necklace from one of the store displays.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event! It was lovely meeting all of you. Thanks to the NYC Anthropologie Personal Shopping Team & the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie too! Can’t wait til next time. If you’re interested in making a personal shopping appointment, call your local Anthro.

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