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I always love peeking inside other people’s closets. I often get asked what my closet looks like. (Here’s the answer, if you’re curious. I’ll be revisiting that post this spring.) April’s Lucky took on the topic many a shopper ponders: how the heck do I organize my closet? We’ve seen this feature before I know. In reading through the multipage feature I feel like Lucky really nailed it!

I mean, look at the closet on display. So pretty. So organized. So many bags! Not only do I seriously want the closet featured on the first page for myself, I found out a few new tips while reading along.

Let’s start with the basics. My favorite tip on this page? Sort your items by type of item (i.e. shorts, sleeveless top, skirt) and then by color. This is a strategy I employ in my own closet to great effect. First, it helps me keep track of what items I own. (Hmm, my fourth pair of dark denim shorts? Might be time to move onto a new style.) Secondly, it helps me assemble outfits by seeing the various items in similar color families. Third, it helps me find holes in my wardrobe.

Skipping ahead to page 4 in the feature, Lucky has some fantastic ideas on how to store accessories. Even though I live in NYC I’m lucky enough to have 3 closets in my apartment, including one that’s really long. So I love the idea of open-air storing my bags as shown in the article. The corkboard jewelry idea is another great move. I have purchased several longer statement necklaces recently that just don’t fit into my beadbox storage or kitchen tray solutions. So having a dedicated large tray to store the necklaces is a wonderful idea. I also dig the idea of hanging necklaces up on the wall if your space allows.

There are tons more great tips in the article, like how to properly fold clothing (as those of us who’ve worked in retail can attest!) and ideas on how to keep track of your 80 pairs of jeans. I was prepping for my spring cleaning anyway — this article came at the perfect time. If you’re looking for this magazine on newsstands it’s the April 2011 issue with Zooey Deschanel on the cover. She looks amazing by the way. Lucky just went through a redesign (by none other than Jack Spade) and I really like it. The spreads look nice and clean and they’re more modern than what I was seeing last year. The price points have gone up some which is a little odd to me (there’s already Marie Claire!). Overall though the magazine is going in a very interesting direction. People Style Watch still holds the top spot for shopping magazines with me right now but Lucky is well on its way to reclaiming its throne.

Condé Nast is one of Effortless Anthropologie’s affiliates, so if you’re interested in subscribing to Lucky now’s a great time to do it. Have you read this article too? What closet organization tips do you have to share?


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