Reviews: Of-The-Ages Pullover, Slouchy Stitch Pullover, Subtle Survival Trench, Sandia Peak Cardigan, Feather-Striped Cardigan, Striated Balance Sweater, Jeweler’s Choice Cardigan

The cardigan in its natural resting state.

Note: there were no markdowns this morning. We’ll play the sale guessing game again tonite!

What’s the perfect compliment to sheer tops? Sweaters with holes of course! I kid — sort of. Truth is I enjoy open stitch sweaters quite a bit. It allows for more detail work and prettier stitching. Then again, a see-through sweater seems kind of silly. Much like the see-through top. Oh man, I’m confused.

Of-The-Ages Pullover ($88) by Moth, TTS
style #19865344, dark orange (081) or purple (050)

Let’s start with a sweater not eaten by moths, but made by Moth. This is the Of-The-Ages Pullover ($88). I tried on the dark orange version though I wish I’d seen the purple in-store. More up my alley. This color is gorgeous but strikes me as a very fall-ready color. The sweater is constructed from a linen combination that feels a bit slippery but well-constructed. It’s fragile though and will require some care to keep it looking new. I like the wide neckline of this sweater.

My usual size medium fit pretty well. I was bummed to see the odd sleeve length and how loose the arms are overall — it made the sweater feel sloppy. Else, this sweater is simply lovely. The stitchwork is perfection and it’s different than the other open sweaters I’ve seen so far this year. There is something very appealing about this piece but I feel the fit is off. I may try a small for comparison.

Just as a note, the dark orange version of the sweater works very well with the blue motif version of the Eastpointe Garden Top ($58) which I reviewed here. Interesting to see Anthro working this color story. I’m intrigued!

Slouchy Stitch Pullover ($148) by Left on Houston, TTS
style #20018693, grey (004)

One of the byproducts of living in NYC is that I’m never sure whether Houston is pronounced like the city in Texas or the famous border of Soho here. I’m going with the latter in this case since I’m a snobby ubarnite. On me above is the Slouchy Stitch Pullover ($148), which I was all set to make fun of as something a wrestler wears in between matches, but then Anthro showed off a really cute styling idea on the product page and dammit, now I’m in love instead. Tricky tricky, Anthropologie!! For the record I am wearing the Complementary Camisole ($28) underneath.

My usual size medium fit. The neckline seems different in real life than what the product shot shows — I expected a rounder scoop but something higher instead. I still have some questions about this sweater. Why is the hem asymmetric? Why are the sleeves set so low? Why is it so boxy? This sweater does have an air of high fashion to it which I appreciate. I’m just not sure that it’s my style. For now, pass.

Subtle Survival Trench ($188) by Daughters of the Liberation, size down
style #20230470, brown (020)

Inverse leopard? But oh so pretty! Daughters of the Liberation crafted the Subtle Survival Trench ($188) with one part international spy, one party classic chic, and part wild and trendy. A ruffle round the collar lends a delicate touch to this piece. I think the length on this trench is perfect — while I prefer longer trenches myself, this is not too cropped and ended below my widest part. Good design choice.

I usually wear a 10 in jackets but an 8 worked fine for me, so you can size down in this coat. The fit wasn’t perfect. The arms were loose (even over a sweater). But I love the design touches. Take a look at the back product shot — pretty ruffle detail! And the cuffs have the adjustable touch I love. Even the sash is great. So why don’t I love this trench? It’s just not very flattering! I didn’t feel like it’s quite right for me, and the tailoring was fighting against me. Certainly worth a try but (for me) not a buy. Back to the rack.

Here’s how the trench looked open, for reference.
Sandia Peak Cardigan ($88) by Tiny, TTS
style #19467281, orange (080) or two other colors

I don’t know what possessed me to clash the Sandia Peak Cardigan ($88) against the gold Delicate Corps Blouse ($88, reviewed here). Apologies for any burning eyes. But at least my dilated pupils allowed me to see the details of the sweater a bit better. Like many of Anthro’s tops this year this sweater has a long tail and a shorter front. I’m starting to wonder if my balance is off whenever I try these tops on! Weirder still the long tail has an inverse vee cut-out. It’s a unique touch in an odd spot.

My true size medium fit nicely. I do like the thick plaits down the front and the slightly too-long sleeves. This cardigan is comfy but deceptively thin. Not winter-weight at all. It comes in two other colors (ivory or a beige that looks purple to me). This would make a great office cardigan but you probably know my chief complaint — the price point. $60? Doable. $90? Waiting for sale.

Feather-Striped Cardigan ($78) by Deletta, size down
style #19879618, beige (024)

Here’s a cardigan that doesn’t even try to hide its sheerness! Deletta populated the Feather-Striped Cardigan ($78) with a beautiful trail of buttons down the front. Not every single one buttons (don’t worry) so the overall effect is cool without suffering through like 50 buttons each morning. The sheer panels are “messy” with thicker threads and striations. It’s a very cool effect.

Deletta has been all over the place for me, depending on which factory manufactured the piece. For this version of the label (there are 4 I know of) I usually take a medium, but in this case a medium was very loose on me. The sleeves fit correctly so I worry a small might be too tight in the arms. I wish the v-neck wasn’t quite so deep and I also wish there were some darts or some kind of tailoring on the back. I see some styling ideas for this — over leggings and a crisp white blouse with a thick belt for instance — but overall I’m not too impressed. Back to the rack.

Striated Balance Sweater ($178) by Saturday/Sunday, size up if curvy
style #20106183, beige (024) or grey (004)

A little bit of preppy goodness is in the Striated Balance Sweater ($178). We’re a couple of color shifts away from Where’s Waldo (or I guess Wenda in our cases). This beige version has more of a 70s feel to it while the grey seems more early 90s to me. Made in super soft cashmere, this sweater just says fun to me! I felt my usual size medium would be too tight, so I grabbed a large to try.

Granted it probably wasn’t smart to try the sweater over jeans. But I could tell the large was fine. If you are less curvy you should be fine in your usual size. I found myself not minding the harsh vertical non-sleeves or the buttons near the hips (a part which needs no extra attention on me, thank you). Still, I was so happy in this piece! I imagine it over leggings with a jacket on top. Perfectly preppy and perfectly me. Wishlisted!

Jeweler’s Choice Cardigan ($148) by Moth, size up
style #20132726, brown motif (029)

Super pretty beadwork lies around the neckline of Moth’s Jeweler’s Choice Cardigan ($148). If you don’t like bright colors this cardigan will not please you — the beads really pop off the otherwise neutral cardigan. I love spacedyed pieces. This sweater has it down to perfection with beautiful tones of white, grey and brown. The buttons are a pretty color too. I tried this sweater on with the River Bends Tunic ($58, reviewed here).

My usual size medium was very tight. I could barely close it. I’d size up to a large for sure. The construction is fantastic though the material itself will require delicate care. The weight is light so I understand why this cardigan is being released for spring, but man I wish it had been done in a thicker wool for winter. Love it either way. I’m just not sure that come warmer weather I’m going to want to wear this brown no matter how pretty the beads are. I have time to deliberate though. Wishlisted for reconsideration at sale time.

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