Eye Candy: NYC Holiday Fashion Show

Last nite was a busy party evening for NYC fashion! Between holiday window parties, store appreciation parties and just because parties I ended uptown, downtown, east and west. (I shudder to think how much I racked up in cab fare.) Without a doubt though the event circled with little hearts and x’s and o’s was Anthropologie’s party at their Soho store. I was thrilled to attend! It was my first NYC customer appreciation party and I thought they did a spectacular job.

Several of you have forwarded me your city’s invite asking what this party is…so if you want to be surprised, leave now! We’ll see you at 12:05 PM ET for the weekend community post.

…all clear?

The Soho party was a fashion show populated by employees from the various NYC Anthros. They made a winding runway down one side of the store which the crowd lined like the end of the NYC Marathon. All of the outfits were assembled by personal shoppers, a couple of whom walked in the show too. There were treats and refreshments to enjoy and the store was packed with new items — many of which are not on the website yet. Of course the store was also decked out for the holidays with a new display featuring the holiday ornaments.

I arrived about halfway through the fashion show. I was impressed by the looks (though I always am, I think the NYC teams do such a great job with both the dress form styling and the personal styling). So if you’re a NYC resident like me this should give you an idea of the outfits the personal shopping team in NYC comes up with. If you’re considering making an appointment with one I say do it!! They’re all very friendly and there’s no charge. In fact you’ve probably been helped by one around the store without knowing it at one time or another.

Back to the show. There was a nice brisk pace to it and after the show the models continued to mill around and mingle so we could all get a closer look at their outfits. Everyone was very friendly and I got to meet a few community members, which was awesome. I didn’t buy anything — yesterday was the day before payday and I was out of budget. I plan on wreaking havoc this weekend. There was no swag from the party — there never is at Anthro. I consoled myself with my J.Crew party favors.

Below are several of the looks. I’ve identified all the pieces I could find online. Many thanks to all the models who posed for photos!

On this model: Sun Spun Pullover ($98) over Cavorting Flora Blouse ($98) 
and White Noise Skirt ($98). With Catch Step Booties ($138).
Adorned with Weimar Earrings ($28) and Trimmed Necklace ($38).
Model’s take on the Catch Step Booties: She found them to run large 
and recommended sizing down one size. She said they were comfortable to wear 
and that they did not pinch across the toe.
On this model (Ashley, one of the personal shoppers at Chelsea Market):
Ashley’s take on the pumps: Very comfy! Wearing her usual shoe size.

On the left model: Peggy Sue Dress ($168) with Beaded Synergy Clutch ($188),
Supple Loops Earrings ($118) and Glad Rags T-Straps ($138).
The model felt the shoes ran about a 1/2 size large.
On the right model was one of my favorite looks of the nite: ??? dress
with Jeweled Cocoon Necklace (now $50),  Cockle Shells Tights ($16)
and Prized Rose Peep-Toes ($168).
The shoes run TTS (true to size).

On this model: Trop Troop Anorak ($198) over Star Turn Top ($118)
and AG Stevie ($175).  With Catch Step Booties ($138).
Like the other model, this model found the Catch Step Booties to be large 
but said she probably would not size down

On this model: Mantle Dynamics Dress ($148) 
and Unexplored Pyramids Necklace ($228).
Fan-friggin-tastic. Love this chic look! 

On the left model (Fiona): Weekend Respite Henley ($48) over Lace-Edged Slip ($58). 
With Opaque Tights ($13) and Honor Guard Booties ($168).
On the right model (Ayelet): Tyndall Coat ($248) over Sincerely Snug Top ($58) 
and Collecting Starlight Skirt ($188). With Opaque Tights ($13) 
and Sawtooth Myrtle T-Straps ($188).
Both ladies found their shoes to run TTS.

On this model: Velvet Dynasty Top ($118) over Alluring Away Skirt ($88). 
With Old Clem’s Peep Toes (now $90) and Downy Canals Scarf ($38).

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