I wish I could tell you that this guest post is about how the amazing Gigi of Gigi’s Gone Shopping had found a secret stash of Armana Jasmine Cardigans (pic above) somewhere — it would be Armana Jasmines for everyone! Alas that’s not the case. Instead, Gigi and I had an excited email chain this morning about one of Sleeping On Snow’s new releases for fall, the Whirlpetal Jacket ($118). Apparently it comes in red too! The red isn’t online yet but Gigi sought it out in-store and whipped up a review for the community. Thanks Gigi!! Interested in writing a guest post? Email me or click the “contact” link near the top of the blog. On to the review…

Hello EAs! *waves*

I tried on Sleeping On Snow’s Whirlpetal Jacket ($118, style #18855700) the other day. Some will be happy to know that it comes in red, like their Armana jacket. In the online reviews someone mentions that she tried it in hot pink. I’m pretty sure she’s referring to the red one.

Size S – Purple – This was the favorite color for me. It’s a bit darker in-person than in the photo, if I recall correctly. not much whirl in the petal. A little disappointing. I like boiled wool, so I enjoyed the textured. I liked the zip as well. The fit was good. I’m 5’2″, 34C. I do agree w/the online reviews that the fit is a bit boxy.

Size S – Red – The red is red hot. Very striking. I was very sure the Whirpetal red is the same as the Armana, but the photo is playing with my mind. I remember it as bright red and definitely not pink. I guess skin tone, store lighting & fitting room lighting create different hues.

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