Collection Review: A Lady’s Hallmark

Note: This post is by EA intern Rebekah!

A little girl’s dress-up fairy tale, A Lady’s Hallmark is designed for one a tad bit older. No need to be wary though, no piece is soaked in overwhelming pink crumbles. Instead Anthro left the superb girlishness to jewelry pieces like the darling Cat and Mouse Posts ($28) and the Spangle Maker Clip (on sale for $9.95). The larger pieces however, evoke wearabilty and clean lines with snippy details in the fabric. (Excuse the song pun!)

A DVF inspired wrap top with even extra girly touches. The Blushing Avian Blouse ($98) has a slightly scalloped trim would come to life against any light colored bottom. The lace-like detailing at the the top top subtly frame your collarbone in an oh-so come hither fashion. The epitome of a classic lady reminiscent of Breakfast and Tiffany’s all the charm, all the beauty, all the classy wit! (All in a top…imagine that!)

A name like, Picnic in the Park Dress ($128), can’t even begin to pinpoint the usefulness of this piece. (I hear roxy is reviewing it later this week too!) Aside from its obvious use at a picnic it can breathe life at a boardwalk, drive-in movie, ice-cream run…you see my drift. It’s ladylike pleats and innocent pattern also make it an applicant for the popular dark blazer and floral trend. For the summer season how about slipping on a cream or beige blazer, tossing your hair into a messy chignon, wedges, and date night here we come!

Counting my love for this piece would take much to long! At first I dismissed the Parted Curtain Collar ($98) but then giving it a second look it ran some work though my fashion gears and cogs. The silver would look exceedingly stylish and chic against a white cashmere this winter and layered over any short pendant style necklace. Dressing it up or down is not a problem just get creative its a fun piece.
Added to my graduation dress options! The ruffles of the Vesper Shift ($198) are in over-spew, I do not kid, it’s something Blair Waldorf might actually consider wearing twice! But for the rest of us, chic glamor and relaxed essence is wholly evident. It’s a LBD for goodness sake, why NOT buy it!

It’s like a little girl all grown up. The gingham pattern of the Bayou Gingham Cami ($178) is happily content in picnic days and behind mom’s legs, but the zip down center speaks worlds of a different language and time. Revel in your ability to find the perfect chi of your childhood and woman hood; with the pouring jealousy of every woman, the price to pay!


Oxfords are my my my guilty pleasure. I love them under wide leg jeans, linen pants, pencil skirts, short shorts…basically anything! These Hallowed Halls Oxfords ($128) have a bow! I’m sold to high heaven! Now if only they’ll click when I walk…hmmmm?!

A fantastic, refined with curry spice collection. Worth every drooling stare and every extension of budget with helpful basics tweaked with modern updates. To top off every purchase may I suggest at least one of the clever accessories like the From A Seed Clip ($18), talk about a cherry on the top! Happy Shopping!

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