Love is in the air…are you wearing Anthro for Valentine’s Day?

It’s a little early with a few days to go but ladies I’m still at work and I wanna know: are you wearing Anthropologie for Valentine’s Day? The set above is pretty close to what I’ll have on…unfortunately I don’t own the beautiful clutch in this set so I’ll be using one of my own. Hallmark holiday aside, I usually go out with my galpals on Valentine’s Day. (Love can be about more than dudes it turns out.) This year is the first in awhile where I get some guytime. Do you have fun plans for the weekend? Tomorrow will be a fun day, I’m going to get a new haircut and color. Can’t wait to show off the results.

Tomorrow I’ll have some fresh reviews, another styled post, and a musings post.

In the set above:
On-A-Wing Blouse ($148)
J.Crew Golden cocktail skirt (now $80)
Printed Plumes Clutch ($180)
J.Crew Luxe cocktail bracelet (light amethyst) ($98)
J.Crew Crystal glamour bracelet ($70)
Topshop Stone Heart Brooch ($40)
B.ella Cotton Crochet Tights ($21)
SteveMadden – TOPPAZZ ($100)
Deco cabochon chandelier earrings ($68)


  1. February 12, 2010 / 12:27 am

    I'll be wearing my red Buckled cummerbund belt and red Hue tights (both from Anthro) with a black BCBG dress.

  2. Sarah N
    February 12, 2010 / 12:31 am

    Roxy I love that you did a Valentine's post. of course though! My guy is actually going to be out of town! for the weekend but back Sunday night. So we can still have dinner together. Not sure what to wear yet…

  3. February 12, 2010 / 12:40 am

    i'll be wearing the always a lady skirt, a v-neck magenta sweater from at loft, berry bush tights & picholine d'orsay wedges.

  4. Stephanie
    February 12, 2010 / 12:50 am

    For Valentine's day, I will be wearing:- Anthro Lady-of-Seville Tank- Anthro Citizens Of Humanity Stage Elson Straight Leg- Anthro Giving's Gleam Cuff (Red Version no longer online)- Anthro Tracing Bead Clutch- Viktoria Hayman turquoise stone drop earrings – Via Spiga Cody Riding Boots ->

  5. natasha
    February 12, 2010 / 12:51 am

    I am thinking about wearing my adorable Hollyhock dress for my feb. 13th date. Did you ever style that dress? I need some suggestions for making it winter appropriate! 🙂

  6. February 12, 2010 / 12:55 am

    Loving the outfits so far! Krameymartin – I love the red and black pairing!Sarah N, I'm glad your guy will be back in time for dinner on Sunday night.noel – that sounds like such a romantic outfit. Stephanie – sounds very chic. I love the boots!Natasha, not yet but DEA is wearing hers today. 🙂

  7. Stephanie
    February 12, 2010 / 12:55 am

    With a Zara cardi over it all

  8. February 12, 2010 / 1:18 am

    I will be wearing my1st option- On-the-fold dress with a white bolero or with my ruffian velvet short jacket…I have no idea what kinds of tights and some red pumps…. or2nd option- soundwaves dress with some black tights and red camper pumps…nothing creative but still I love to be wearing anthro in valentines:)and chiseled ice earrings:)

  9. Anonymous
    February 12, 2010 / 1:47 am

    Red Amarena dress by day, grey thousand tiers dress by night!

  10. February 12, 2010 / 2:03 am

    My boyfriend is taking me to Quebec City for a romantic weekend getaway! I'm so excited :)Here's what I packed to wear on Sunday:-Always A Lady Skirt-Climbing Cowlneck (dark grey)-Berry Bush Tights-Pessinus Garden Necklace-a pair of burgundy heels with little bows in the front (they match the dots in the Berry Bush Tights)Does anyone have suggestions for a sweater that I can wear with the outfit? I can't decide whether to go with something neutral (cream, beige or grey) or whether to try to pull out one of the colors from the skirt.

  11. Stephanie
    February 12, 2010 / 2:25 am

    @Lola, you could probably try a military style jacket with it too.

  12. February 12, 2010 / 2:25 am

    Oh, that's so pretty Roxy, love that blush-pink-and-ivory color combo.I was thinking of wearing the red-and-white-striped Regatta Dress ( with my Kate Spade Genny heart heels (:) We'll see though, I'm always impulsive and usually decide by my mood when I'm getting dressed!

  13. February 12, 2010 / 2:30 am

    what a great question Roxy, and of course Anthro will be present during the special day. I recently received the Garnet Glow dress and it's beautiful in person! And perfect for a romantic day. Will definitely be posting pics.Oh, and I can't WAIT to see your new hairdo!!

  14. February 12, 2010 / 2:32 am

    Think we might be having a "food delivery" kind of Valentine's Day since a lot of places here are already booked…but I will likely still be in Anthro! I'm thinking my Outside-In loungers and an older, soft, long-sleeved Ben & Lucia tee will be perfect for my home date 🙂

  15. February 12, 2010 / 2:39 am

    i'll probably be wearing my Big Band dress, red or black Shellseeker cardigan and black tights. Can't decide on the shoes yet

  16. February 12, 2010 / 2:58 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. February 12, 2010 / 3:05 am

    Stephanie – love it! Many of the stores I frequent made it into your outfit. ;)plum – I love either outfit! I'm kind of partial towards the On The Fold Dress just because it's so fun.Anon @ 8:47 – like a secret agent all the way. Love it, love it, love it.Lola – It's Valentine's Day, so I say go pink if you can. :)goldenmeans – I adore those pumps. I love that you're a spontaneous dresser! DEA – I love the Garnet Glow Dress so much. I wore mine to a Christmas Party and it was a hit. You will look stunning!Suzanne – Nothing wrong with that! The city has these ridiculous (but delicious) prix fixe menus that start around $75 for a couple. Crazy.christine – so funny, are you channeling my friend Kate? She will be wearing that dress too. Great minds think alike. :)Alicia – it's the Tivoli Scoopneck. Hope that helps!

  18. CJ
    February 12, 2010 / 6:02 am

    Hi Roxy, I was hoping you could help me with something. I recently did an order over the phone with an Anthro store for the first time and that was last Tuesday. The charge showed up on 02/03 to my credit card.Do you know how long it should take for my item to arrive? It's been over a week. I am just getting a little worried. I don't know if I should call and ask the store about it or not. (Oh, for reference it's going from Atlanta to Salt Lake City)But I was wondering if you had experience in the past with store orders over the phone and how it's went. Thanks!

  19. February 12, 2010 / 6:04 am

    Hi CJ — You should call the store. They will be able to look up a tracking number for your order (unless they destroyed it, some stores do that). A week is a long time…unless of course you got shafted with UPS Mail Innovations. Normally stores use UPS Ground. Let us know what the store says.

  20. February 12, 2010 / 6:43 am

    Hi Roxy! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and it has really inspired me. I have two toddlers and work in a hospital (so, I wear scrubs everyday – comfy but ugh!), so I feel like I'm looking so frumpy lately. Thanks to you, and a few shopping trips to anthro, I feel like I'm getting my grove back! So THANKS!

  21. Athena
    February 12, 2010 / 3:44 pm

    I'll be wearing my Aubrieta dress from spring '09, mauve colored tights and budding t-straps.I love hearing what everyone else will be wearing!Roxy, I look forward to seeing your new haircut!

  22. February 12, 2010 / 9:47 pm

    Hello stacey! I'm glad you get a kick out of the blog. 🙂 I love hearing things like that to give me some inspiration, so thank you!Athena, love the Aubrieta dress!! The new haircut is here, and it is pretty awesome. Pics coming Sunday here, I'll post one on FB later.

  23. Meisha
    February 13, 2010 / 4:51 pm

    Of course! I'm wearing the All Seasons Shirtdress in cream with some HUE bright red tights and matching red suede wedges, the Small Packages Cardi, and one of the pretty flower clips in my hair from a few seasons ago, in a lovely rosy pink colour!This is actually a little sad….everything is from Anthro except for the shoes! I think I have a problem. Hehe!Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Celebrate yourself!

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