The weekend in-store community post

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be!


  1. January 15, 2010 / 9:45 pm

    I saw second cuts on the Centrifolia Corset Dress down to $59.95, and Snow Flower Skirt down to $39.95.San Francisco has/had (as of Tuesday 1/12) a number of the dresses.I also saw several Winding Ruffles Dresses.415-434-2210Also, they had 3 pairs of Lilac Ombre Heels, size 10, 2 pairs of Luminous Boots, size 6.5 (runs big, better fit for size 7s).But this was Tuesday, so not sure if they are still there.

  2. January 15, 2010 / 9:46 pm

    Thanks so much Tien! I am headed to Soho tonight and Rockefeller this weekend. I will write down as many notes as I can inconspicuously.

  3. January 15, 2010 / 9:47 pm

    Just saying hello!I haven't gotten a chance to go into a local anthro's lately. Been too busy with grad school.But I have placed a few orders 🙂

  4. January 15, 2010 / 9:55 pm

    Nicole: I understand the busy-with-grad-school thing (and the broke-with-grad-school thing preventing me from buying lovely Anthro things, sob). BUT, I am heading to Anthro tonight after work with a fellow lab member, and I'll definitely post here if I find anything special!

  5. Anonymous
    January 15, 2010 / 9:59 pm

    Do Snakebite belts run TTS? What color(s) do you get the most use out of?

  6. Kat
    January 15, 2010 / 10:02 pm

    I just purchased the Leifsdottir Allnighter dress (aka Winter Peony dress)at Nordstroms for $106… sizes 6 and higher are still available…

  7. January 15, 2010 / 10:03 pm

    Nicole and Katie, I will be doing a giveaway in the next couple of months just for college students (including grad students!). Bravo to you both for continuing your education.Anon – in my opinion they do. I wear medium tops and I bought the belt in a medium. I own the grey and have gotten tons of mileage out of it. I like that it will work in both summer and winter. But really all 3 colors are great! Anyone else have thoughts?

  8. January 15, 2010 / 10:05 pm

    Hi everyone. I just got back from Anthropologie Southport (in Chicago) and they had many, many snowscape tanks. They also had a number of items for $9.99 in larges- mainly tees and jersey tops from last summer (maybe they are Spring cleaning their inventory???). I have a styling question for you all- I have an interview at…ahem…one of our fav stores and I was wondering what you guys think I should wear. I really want to break out my twilit skirt, but is that too much? I have oonly ever worked in very conservative environments, so I am always unsure about things like this.-Stefanie

  9. January 15, 2010 / 10:08 pm

    Yay for broke grad students who (still) shop at Anthropologie! I've taken on quite a few extra tutoring jobs to help pay for items on my wishlist 🙂

  10. January 15, 2010 / 10:14 pm

    Haha, Lola, I teach swimming lessons to get some extra money (fortunately, I am very good at teaching swimming lessons, so I can often get a significant amount of extra money — otherwise I'd never own anything at Anthro). I almost applied to TA a behavioral neuroscience course, but I didn't want to overwhelm myself. Maybe next year!Roxy, awesome, I will watch for it! I am a PhD student in Neurobiology doing autism research. =)

  11. January 15, 2010 / 10:19 pm

    Katie – I hope you find some good sales when you go later tonight! Btw, you are doing research in autism? Thats right up my alley (somewhat). I'm in my clinicals for Speech-Language Pathology. Roxy – A giveaway for college students would be fabulous!!! I will definitely be entering :DLola – yay for another grad student!

  12. January 15, 2010 / 10:20 pm

    Anon, I got a brown snakebite in a small- I can either wear it high on my waist to cinch blousier tops, or stretch it over my hips. I wear it ALL.THE.TIME. I'm still searching for a gray one.

  13. January 15, 2010 / 10:20 pm

    Haha, Katie, I'm in the same boat. I taught my first college course last fall so I bought tons of Anthropologie clothes, justifying to myself that I needed them to look professional for teaching. Now my bank account isn't in the best of shape, so I'm taking on extra tutoring to try to fix things. Who would have thought that a math PhD student would have trouble keeping track of her finances?

  14. Caroline
    January 15, 2010 / 10:23 pm

    Hurray for college students that shop Anthro and yay for Roxy's awesome blog! I am in my last semester of my BA in Anthropology (haha) and in the fall I will be pursuing my master's in Skeletal Biology, then a PhD in Forensic Anthro :)Thanks Roxy! This is such a great community!

  15. Anonymous
    January 15, 2010 / 10:27 pm

    Stefanie – I don't know about other stores, but if you are interviewing at Anthro, you will gain major points for how you are dressed. ALOT of people want to work for Anthro, and we always hired based on the associates attitude – clothes, demeanor, personality etc.

  16. Caro
    January 15, 2010 / 10:29 pm

    Anyone soopa excited for the new state street store in chicago?

  17. January 15, 2010 / 10:30 pm

    I think it's interesting that the target demographic for Anthropologie is supposedly women with a household income of $150,000 – $200,000, and yet so many of us are college or grad students…

  18. January 15, 2010 / 10:31 pm

    Stefanie – as someone who interviewed and got hired at Anthropologie for seasonal and temp work very recently, I highly recommened wearing Anthropologie items – the Twilit Skirt isn't too much!I also think having a good knowledge of the store and what they stand for really helped me stand out in my interview. I'm obviously very passionate about Anthro and they could tell. Hope that helps!

  19. January 15, 2010 / 10:32 pm

    Caro – I'm excited about the new State Street store – I'm working store set up this weekend!!

  20. January 15, 2010 / 10:33 pm

    Lola – I knew the demographic was high, but not that high!!My part time job at my school would never amount to that!

  21. January 15, 2010 / 10:36 pm

    Hey guys,Thanks so much for the help! I really appreciate it. I wrote a letter to the hiring manager talking about my passion for Anthro and how my mom and I used to drive two hours one way just to try things on. Apparently she liked it. Haha. Also, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE STATE STREET STORE!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for another territory to scope out.-Stefanie

  22. January 15, 2010 / 10:40 pm

    Lola: Hahaha! Move the decimal to the left on that high end figure and add a few thousand, and that's about what my stipend pays. Not a lot of room for Anthro in my budget. =( Fortunately I have the luxury of having no debt (no wishes to change that, either — do you hear me, lovely Anthro things??) and few major expenses like mortgage, children, etc. So I get by. Maybe someday when I finish my PhD I will get closer to Anthro's target demo, heh. Nicole: We have several OT grad students in our collaboration lab, so I think you would have a lot in common with my research. I use EEG recordings to study auditory processing in children with autism.

  23. January 15, 2010 / 10:40 pm

    Hi everyone! I just got the Snow-Covered Fields dress today (review on my blog) and I was wondering if anyone had any style tips for it? I think it looks great on its own, but if anyone has any thoughts on how to accessorize it I'm all ears!

  24. January 15, 2010 / 10:45 pm

    Stefanie – which store are you interviewing at ? Good luck – you'll do great!

  25. Caro
    January 15, 2010 / 10:51 pm

    Yay Kim! I have been ordering Anthro things online because there wasn't a store close enough/the closest store (in the gold coast) was too small to elbow through all of the michigan ave tourists to get to. But this new one, just four blocks from work? So great!

  26. Glenda
    January 15, 2010 / 10:58 pm

    Oh, this is fun–I *love* enabling others with shopping…At the Austin Anthro on Weds, I saw the following:-a few Twilit skirts in size 0, with a price of $69.95 (I was perplexed at the price change, since I bought the size 2 last week for $39.95)-All-Day Eddy tee in turquoise in size S-a few Lacemaker Skirts in size 2-Wind-Rippled Tee in grey and black (not sure of the sizes–sorry, I'll take better notice next week)-a couple of Thousand Tiers dress in grey, size 0Austin Anthro: (512) 236-9301There are particular items they have in spades that are not on the website–I'll keep notes next time because I don't know their names! Good luck!

  27. January 15, 2010 / 10:59 pm

    Lauren- I LOVE that dress. I remember it well. Taryn, that dress looks AMAZING on you. and I am glad that you said you can wear a regular bra under it, I was really worried about that. I don't know about you, but these gals do not go without a good fitting bra. I think you could winterize it with some boots…and a black cardi always does the trick to add more winter to it. Gosh, I want this dress now…Kim- I am interviewing at Southport-Stefanie

  28. Glenda
    January 15, 2010 / 11:01 pm

    Oops, I forgot to say to Stefanie to go with the Twilit skirt for her interview–it is definitely chic with a twist!

  29. January 15, 2010 / 11:04 pm

    Glenda,Thanks, I think I am going with the twilit skirt, and I am going to try it on later with a few different tops. I am thinking the cardigan from alst yr with the screen-printed ship on the side (I think it was the shipwreck cardigan. Heck, I do not remember the name of this one…grrr). I wish I could squeeze my ass into the 0 in that thousand tiers dress. My anthro had some 0s as well, but that is a no go. 🙁 -Stefanie

  30. January 15, 2010 / 11:24 pm

    i bought the snakebite in brown and grey and have thought about getting the black. As Roxy indicated it is wearable year round. I bought it in a medium in the grey one I first bought which fits a little less cinched then the small I bought in brown which is more of a cinch, if you know what I mean. depends on how many layers I would plan to wear under it weather I would get the black in a medium or a small. Hope this helps.BTW: I also saw several Mods the Word dress at the Short Hills NJ store. Didn't check the price though.

  31. Athena
    January 15, 2010 / 11:28 pm

    Roxy & Molly Darling, Glad to read your opinion on the fit for the Snakebite belt! It seems like such a perfect belt to wear with so many things. I'm definitely going to pick one up now but I need to decide which color…or maybe all 3? LoL.Thanks for the info!

  32. Anonymous
    January 15, 2010 / 11:32 pm

    Has anyone seen the "Spotlights Tank" in their stores?Also, I'm a thirty-something and was a little sad to read a review of Anthro described as a twenty-something store. Then I remembered Anthro prices…

  33. January 15, 2010 / 11:43 pm

    Anon @ 6:32, wherever you read that, they are incorrect! The target age range of Anthro is 28 – 45 (although I would argue that the target really goes up to 55). Urban is targeted at college-aged adults, and Free People is in between.If you're in your 30's, you are right in Anthro's target market 🙂

  34. January 15, 2010 / 11:45 pm

    Hello anthro friends!I was hoping to get your opinion on a dress I'm watching on ebay. It's lil's cascading ruffle dress from spring/summer 09. I really liked it when it was in stores but never tried it on.Anybody have this dress? What do you think about it? I'm a little worried about the fit in the bust.

  35. January 15, 2010 / 11:47 pm

    Quick ?I am a newer anthro card holder, Fall 09' and thought I had read somewhere that they sent out birthday discounts. Is that true and if so when does Anthro. normally mail them out? My birthday was early Jan. but I did not receive any discount in the mail. Thanks.

  36. January 16, 2010 / 12:05 am

    Anon @6:32pm: I looked in 3 stores for the Spotlight Tank and this is after the CS line told me that 2 of the stores had it.Luckily the manager of one of the stores showed me a book they have which says when they are supposed to get things and the date I saw was 1/29/10. This is in Central NJ.I wanted to buy this in a bad way this week and wanted to try it on, because many times I am a small in Anthro tops more than I am a medium.I wanna be one of those 20 somethings making $150k.

  37. January 16, 2010 / 12:13 am

    Will someone please suggest a cardigan to wear over the snowscape tank? I love the options in an earlier styling post by Roxy, and the options featured on Chloe's great blog, but most of them are sold out. TIA!

  38. January 16, 2010 / 12:15 am

    I think that annual income thing is combined income. I read somewhere that their target demographics are ladies who are married or are in committed relationships, 28-45, and have pets and/or children.That's just target demographics of course.Someone told me that her daughter's 15 year old friend blew $300 on a dress at Anthro for a school dance… so take that for whatever it's worth.

  39. January 16, 2010 / 12:30 am

    Here's the Soho (NYC) report…spotted on sale:- Soft Drapes Blouse, blue only, size 6 x 3- Cloverleaf Scoopnecks, mostly grey with the white dots in all sizes- Wind Rippled Tees in aqua and grey, all sizes- Lacemaker Skirts, sizes 8, 10, 12- Marled Boleros in all sizes- Paragon Tops in all sizes- A Capella Sweaters (sizes S up)- First Day Skirts, looked like a couple of 4s and a 10- spacing on the name, but the black/white Odille floral tank with the green sash- Teleidoscope Tops in all sizes- Good Dog Tees in all sizes. I saw both the terriers and the chihuahua- Candelabra tops, black only- Magnetic Field Corset tops, mostly mediums- Graybar coats, size LThe $10 markdowns:- Graceful Point Cardigan- Sewing Basket Top x 1, S, white (the rest were full price so I'm guessing this one was damaged)New stuff:- Climbing Cowlneck in plum/grey (I bought it, review upcoming)- Hourglass Surplice- Claudine Tee in all colors- Bayeux Top- Pratia Tank(can you tell I was looking at tops??)That's all I can remember in the moment. More to come. 🙂

  40. January 16, 2010 / 12:40 am

    Rynetta, I'm actually going to pair mine with a shrunken blazer. I have the shapes study jacket – <a href=" <a href="<br&quot; target=”_blank”> …” target=”_blank”><br />But you could get the same effect from the current version – the All Yours blazer.The Snowscape tank is really versatile – I think it would work well under simpler sweaters, like the graceful point cardigan or the head-in-the-clouds cardigan 🙂

  41. January 16, 2010 / 12:50 am

    Stefanie that's so cool that you're interviewing at Anthropologie! Good luck. I second (third?) what Kim and Lauren said. Sending good interview vibes your way. Lauren that dress is absolutely beautiful! Just my opinion, but I think Anthro is a 20-something through 100-something store. I bought my first piece when I was the Spotlight Tank, last time I spoke to CS they said stores should be getting them late nexxt week, so I'd expect to see them out around 1/26.amers72 – not everyone with an anthro card gets the birthday discount (it's done by lottery). However you can email to see if they can help you out.lindsey..elizabeth – I don't own the dress but I find Lil's stuff to be consistently true to size.rynetta – Express has a cropped v-neck that would work once the weather warms up a bit.

  42. January 16, 2010 / 1:00 am

    Lauren and Roxy,Thank you both SO much!!!!! I am extremely grateful for your help!

  43. Denise
    January 16, 2010 / 1:05 am

    Oooh Roxy, I can hardly wait to read your review of the Climbing Cowlneck. That top looks so sophisticated in the pics, wondering about quality of the material. It seems a lot of the new spring tops are especially sheer/thin. I don't want to wear a cami under my summer shirts!I am in my mid-30s with 2 kiddos. I think the folks who have time to blog and write about clothes (and search for sales/deals) are a bit of a different demographic of Anthro customer, a niche of the Anthro market. There is likely a big chunk of their customer base who just want to walk in, buy the great clothes and go out and wear them (without researching prices/sales, writing about it – they don't have the time or interest).I am grateful there is a store where I can buy stylish clothes that look my age. I am not a 20 something anymore and there is just some stuff that I don't wear anymore. I don't think being in my 30s is old or frumpy, but it IS different than being in my 20s. I am okay with that. I am glad to be shopping/dressing in a more sophisticated and put together way than I did in my 20s when I was on an extreme budget. And I am glad to have this awesome community to learn from/hear about clothes with too! (No matter what age!)

  44. Jenna
    January 16, 2010 / 1:29 am

    Love your blog, Roxy, and this is a fantastic idea :)I'm another poor, anthro-loving grad student. I discovered your little corner of the web while online window shopping while I should have been studying for my medical boards!As for the Twilit skirt, the 0s at the Austin store were no longer available when I attempted to order one by phone on Thursday. According to customer service, the San Antonio store has the skirt in size 4 for $29.99. 'Best of luck bargain hunting!-Jen

  45. January 16, 2010 / 1:45 am

    I was at the Tucson store today and embarrassed to say how much I spent. I purchased the Prairie Rose cardigan, Akebia dress, the tee with the airplane print (though this is going back, keep reading for why), and a teal Fei top with little parachutes all over it (not online, though the store had all sizes). Then I came home and after much thought placed an order for the wind rippled tee in grey (like the long sleeved version better), the Rising Vapors dress, the airplane tee in a larger size(my store did not have XL and I think I would feel more comfortable in it, plus I worry about shrinkage when washed), The Bayeux top, and the Claudine top. I could die I spent so much, but my husband was with me all day and he totally enabled me. Plus, I added a bunch to the order since I had to pay shipping anyway to try and take the sting out of that cost, since my store SAs told me they would not get some of the items for a couple of weeks. I almost always have to order online just to try things on. I am a serial returner!I'm a bit undecided about the Akebia dress but it looks so cute when paired with the cardi. My husband really liked it. I'm just waiting for my buyer's remorse to set in. By the way, I was up early this morning and on the Anthro site. I checked the new arrivals and there were a lot posted, but they all had a price of $0.00! I saw a really pretty Yoanna Baraschi blouse that I wanted to buy and tried to add it to my cart, thinking a price would appear then, but no luck, I kept getting an error of "no price defined". When I checked the site a few hours later the new items had mysteriously disappeared. I did see some really pretty things! So, looks like even more new arrivals next week.

  46. January 16, 2010 / 1:47 am

    Any word on Anthro in Memphis? It would be bad for the budget but great for the closet.

  47. January 16, 2010 / 1:54 am

    Interesting that I saw a beautiful knit top this morning also with a price of $0.00. I was unable to add to my cart but was able to add to my wish list. That was this morning. Tonight when I got home, I looked for it and couldn't find it, however, I did still have it on my wish list. It now had a price of $98, but now says "no longer available online". It was called Debonaire Doily top by one.September. What is this about? Technical issues? Are Anthro's IT folks screwing up or are the Sales folks? :-(One more thing: not sure if anyone is interested in the Pom Pom cardi that was in Jan. catalog, but no longer online. I saw a couple at the Short Hills NJ store. It looked nice and the pom poms were cute, not sure what size. They also had tons of AG cords.

  48. January 16, 2010 / 2:34 am

    Roxy – I am sooo jealous that you got a Climbing Cowlneck! I have been patiently waiting for my next paycheck to arrive so that I could purchase one and now that it's here, the shirts are almost completely sold out online (only XL is left…). I might have to drive the 2+ hours down to Boston tomorrow to see if I can get my hands on one!

  49. January 16, 2010 / 2:47 am

    Wow Lola I had no idea they were selling so fast! I have to believe Anthro will replenish an in-house top that sells out that quickly. I got mine at Soho if you end up needing to call around.

  50. January 16, 2010 / 3:16 am

    I'm stressing about the Climbing Cowlneck. It wasn't in my store today, but we seem to get stuff a few weeks later than the website and the big city stores. I really hope it comes in soon. Anthro's killing me lately with their reduced inventory. And it's weird that they didn't offer the plum color online.

  51. January 16, 2010 / 3:37 am

    Hi! this is an awesome idea I will contribute the most i can. The newest thing is that the fresno store ca has a leifsdotter dress in size 0 on sale. Dont know the name but it is a tulle design with daisies i think and its cream color. idk the price. Has anyone seen the Phlox Flats further reducted than online? thanks for your help.

  52. January 16, 2010 / 3:38 am

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  53. January 16, 2010 / 4:18 am

    Great idea Roxy! I was in the Austin store today (512)236-9301 and they had lots of sale stuff: 4Twilit Skirts (sizes 2 and 0) but marked at $69.95, the Whirling Ruffles sweater dress ($99.95), Wind-rippled tees in teal and black, oh, and there was also one Horizon Lines dress in size 4 in the shell color if anyone is still looking for that. There was one Snow Flower Skirt but I didn't check the size. Lots of Albertine dresses and several Garnet Glow & Amerena dresses.With all this sale stuff, can I dare to hope for new markdowns on Tuesday? 🙂

  54. Anonymous
    January 16, 2010 / 4:27 am

    One of the SAs in my store told me that Anthro is going to start carrying less inventory like a "boutique" store so that you will not always be able to "wait for a sale" and expect to have lots of sizes available. I'm wondering how true this will be. Another ploy to get you to panic buy?

  55. January 16, 2010 / 4:38 am

    The Durham, NC store had a bunch of Horizon Line dresses (full price) in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. There were at least three in size 2 and 4! Call them if you still want one!I also saw two navy wind rippled tees (the 3/4 sleeve) in M and L.

  56. January 16, 2010 / 5:59 am

    Thanks for the tip, Roxy! I might end up calling Soho if Boston doesn't have one. *keeping fingers crossed*

  57. Ashley
    January 16, 2010 / 1:34 pm

    I too have noticed some general wonkiness on the Anthro website. The Climbing Cowlneck seems to be coming out in plum on the site, but there are no sizes listed. And I also saw the Rare Bloom tee in navy and turquoise, but when I tried to snatch one up, the website wouldn't allow me to purchase it.

  58. Anna
    January 16, 2010 / 2:34 pm

    I just called CS to order the Climbing Cowlneck. I noticed it seams to be coming out online in the Plum color. I asked for XS in the gray color and they told me San Francisco (415-434-2210), Denver, Colorado (303) 394-1443) and Washington (206-985-2101) had each about 3 or 4 of them in their computer inventory.

  59. January 16, 2010 / 3:21 pm

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for the budding t-straps in 9If you see them around let me know!

  60. January 16, 2010 / 4:17 pm

    Roxy, the Graceful Point Cardi is marked down to $9.95 in store?? If this is accurate, please let me know. I want the cardi, but have been waiting for it to go onsale online to no avail. I just didn't love it in person for $88, but definitely for $10. Thanks!

  61. January 16, 2010 / 4:25 pm

    Anon @ 11:27 P – I'm dubious of any plan like that. Anthro is far too big of a company to be stocking like a boutique. As a public company they have too many investors to answer to to turn away business by stocking very low inventory. So far they've been managing their chain a lot tighter but when pieces are really popular (winged victory top, etc.) and from an in-house shop they are restocking. Ashley I noticed the same thing with the turquoise Rare Bloom Tee. I think they're recalculating inventory, maybe?Jenny – oh no, my apologies. I meant it had been marked down by $10, so instead of being $88 it's $78 for example. Sorry for the confusion, I didn't phrase that very well!

  62. January 16, 2010 / 4:34 pm

    Just found the budding t-straps at the Westford CT store, only the second store I called! I'm so excited to get them!! I'll be heading to my local anthro tomorrow and will report back any good finds.

  63. January 16, 2010 / 5:02 pm

    Thanks for the clarification, Roxy. Also, this community post idea is so informative and helpful!

  64. January 16, 2010 / 5:13 pm

    Could someone help me out – I need the item number of the Modern Matriarch Boots so that I can have CS do a search for them. Thanks a lot!

  65. January 16, 2010 / 5:13 pm

    Oh, and I am looking for a Sz 8 if by any chance someone sees in a store….Thanks!

  66. January 16, 2010 / 5:15 pm

    BTW I think the Centifolia Corset Dress should be marked at $49.95 not $59.95 for anyone who buys it – that is what I paid for it about a month ago. Not sure about what was in San Fran Tien….. 🙂

  67. Jenna
    January 16, 2010 / 5:23 pm

    Sydney Girl-The Modern Matriarch boots are style #943622. They look to be available online in sizes 8,9, and 10 🙂

  68. January 16, 2010 / 5:43 pm

    Jenna – thank you! What am I doing wrong? I cannot get them to show up online…..TIA

  69. Jenna
    January 16, 2010 / 5:49 pm

    This is a little trick I learned at the fabulous Kim's blog Anthroholic. Google the boots ("anthropologie modern matriarch boots"–it should be the first result). Then,instead of clicking on the link, click cached and add the boots to your shopping bag 🙂 It doesn't always work, in which case you can give customer service a ring, but it's definitely worth a try!

  70. January 16, 2010 / 5:58 pm

    Wow Jenna – thank you 🙂 It totally worked 🙂 I had no idea. What a cool trick, who knew. Tada, the boots are in my shopping bag. I guess there must be other 'sold out' items this way. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  71. January 16, 2010 / 6:24 pm

    The DC store has tons of sale items. I saw several Wind Rippled Tops in Grey, Teal and Black. I saw the Snowscapre Tank in various sizes. The sale section was huge. I saw one Twilit skirt in a 2 i think…it had been marked down to $29.95. They also had tons of cords and other skirts…lots of tights too, but they were only in size S/M.I know this is a stretch, but I am still looking for the Elodie Lily cardi in a M….even a large and I will have it tailored. I purchased a S but I really need a larger size for layering.

  72. January 16, 2010 / 6:41 pm

    Sydneygirl–It could have been $49.95. I didn't write down the prices. I was just going off on what I remember. Besides, I've been busy lately and I think I could be forgiven if I was $10 off.Thanks for clarifying.

  73. January 16, 2010 / 6:42 pm

    Hi AllI saw the twilit skirt in 0 and 2 marked down to 29.95 at dedham ma, otherwise nothing new in the way of sale. Does anyone think they will have any new markdowns next week? It doesnt seem like the amarena sweater dress for 99. is selling well at all at least here in ma. sktruman- good luck on your interview i think the twilit skirt is great, i would just do a sharp shoe and nice top with it.athena =snakebite belt all 3 colors are great, i also saw some cute similar belts at h and m

  74. January 16, 2010 / 6:45 pm

    hi anon @632anthro is def not for 20somethings only. I say this as a 30something. Although i did see a gaggle of teens at the mall anthro whose parents were buying them a lot of clothes.

  75. January 16, 2010 / 6:47 pm

    jacquelynlol i have been called The Returner as well by my family.

  76. January 16, 2010 / 7:35 pm

    was at the 5th ave(nyc) store earlier…still fairly well stocked sale section, tho much of the good stuff was limited. a twilit in size 12, always a lady in M, black 1000 tiers dress in XS, (2)lacemakers, both size 4, (2)hollyhocks (size 4, 14), a great escape skirt (i think that's the name? mustard full skirt?) in a size 8. a sidstep in size 8…hmm–i think a couple of other gems but they're escaping me at the moment!still bunches and bunches of garnet glows & amarenas and a handful of winding ruffles; lots wind rippled tees in teal.also noticed (in the FP section), that leather moto jacket was suddenly restocked in the brown color. hadn't seen that one for months.hope this helps!

  77. January 16, 2010 / 7:42 pm

    just remembered…also at 5th ave, nyc: a sprightly skirt in size 8 and tick tock cardi in L

  78. January 16, 2010 / 9:00 pm

    Tien, oh I just wanted to make sure if you or someone was buying the Centifolia dress and it happened to be marked incorrectly people would know to ask the store to check the price – not telling you you were wrong!! I also think there are more important things in life than remembering a bunch of sale prices in Anthro (like work)… sorry if the comment came across wrong – I tried to make sure it wasn't…:)

  79. January 16, 2010 / 10:19 pm

    Sydneygirl–Oh, I'm sorry, that comment wasn't meant to come across like that! I should have coffee before posting! I didn't take offense at all and I hope you didn't either!

  80. January 17, 2010 / 4:33 am

    Muse,Would you be willing to part with your Elodi Lily cardi? I really need an xs, but I think a small will work too. I saw a medium @ Old Orchard in Skokie two days ago.-Stefanie

  81. January 18, 2010 / 12:13 am

    The Boylston Street Anthropologie store in Boston had the following (around 1 PM on Saturday 1/16):Newer Merchandise:-Sun Dots Dress (sizes 0, 2 and 10)-Lime Juice Dress (all sizes)-Ablaze Dress (all sizes)-Claudine Tee (all sizes and colors)-On A Wing Blouse (all sizes)-Small Packages Cardi (only medium/large left)-Free Flow Tank (only medium/large left)-Feathery Tank (all sizes in cream, not sure about the others)-Foliage Fancy Tee (all sizes/colors)-Solar Star Blouse (all sizes)-Buds and Stripes Top (all sizes)-Cayenne Stripe Skirt (most sizes)-Submerged Necklace (three left)Newer Items That Were Noticeably Missing:-Climbing Cowlneck-Spotlights Tank-Aniseed Skirt-Snow Covered Fields Dress-Speckled Ink Dress-Floating Forsythia Dress-Recital CardiganSale Merchandise:-Kai Jacket (many sizes)-Wassailing Jacket (sizes 2, 4, 8, 10, 12)-Laced Dots Sweater (one left -size large)-Granted Wishes Dress (one left – size 10)-Windowpane Dress (many sizes)-Houndstooth Dress (three left)-Wind Rippled Tee (many grey in sizes medium & large, a few black & burgundy left as well)(All of the sale prices are as marked online – no second cuts, as far as I could tell)

  82. January 18, 2010 / 1:10 am

    I will be checking out the No Brunswick NJ store tomorrow and report back what new items they have or if I see anything people are looking for in the sale section.

  83. January 18, 2010 / 4:09 am

    @ sktruman… I am willing to part with the small since I really need the medium. I will call Skokie tomorrow to see if they still have the medium. I hope they do!

  84. January 18, 2010 / 10:06 pm

    @Sktruman- I found a medium Elodie so if you still want the small, its all yours. Email me at faceartists at aol dot com.

  85. mae
    January 23, 2010 / 9:48 pm

    hi, I was so excited when I found this blog by accident! My friend got me addicted to anthro a few years back and the addiction has gotten even worse since I live a 5 minute walk away from it. I have a question: has anyone reviewed the ring-of-jewels boots on here? I got a pair as a birthday present but reviews online were few and gave it low ratings so I was wondering if anyone on here knew more about it. Is the quality really bad? i think they look cute but if they wear out quickly I'd rather trade them in. THANKS! and yay for being a grad student with no money and living next to anthro.

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