On the lookout for…Asymmetric Architecture Jacket

I generally try to avoid white clothing like the plague. You see, things like dirt, dust, spaghetti sauce, makeup swipes and the like are attracted to me and they settle nicely and irremovably on my nice white things.

But I’ve already broken my own rule twice this spring with Joe’s Jenny Honeys and the Looped Aster Tank so what’s one more detraction? This weekend I’ll be looking for the Asymmetric Architecture Jacket ($98) in-store. From the online product shot I really like the length, especially in this spring of boxy and short. The arms look really long too which means I may have to cuff them. I don’t mind.

Of course what’s drawn me in the most are the offset buttons. This could either look fabulous or like a sous chef’s work wear. Won’t know til I try it on — and I’m excited to. Will you be looking for anything Anthro this weekend?

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  1. Anonymous
    June 20, 2009 / 2:09 pm

    You can always dye it another color with fabric dye.

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