Dear Dealrocker, quit SPAMMING MY BLOG

Pardon the rant but this makes me super grumpy. I am not linking to this aggregator site and I suggest you don’t go there because who knows what kind of viruses it has?

Dear Dealrocker, I have submitted a feedback form saying as much at your site as well, but spamming my blog’s comments with links to your site is not only not allowed…it is so not cool. Please stop it. That tactic is so 1998. You want traffic? Get Google Adwords…or DART…or something else.

I don’t want to see your dresses. I don’t want to see your shirts. This is the cult of Anthropologie for cripes’ sake. Spamming other peep’s work to up your organic traffic is something the search engines frown upon. And so do I. LAME.

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