Anthropologie featured in Adobe showcase

Many thanks to my friend/web geek kindred spirit Lizzie who let me know that Anthropologie is currently one of the featured brands on Adobe’s Brilliant Feature page (WARNING: Sound!!). This mini-site is all about how brands utilize Adobe’s suite of products. I love Adobe’s products but my god their customer service is AWFUL. But I digress.

Click the Anthropologie box in the lower right and you’re taken to an interactive menu page. If you roll over the “navigation” box on the left you can choose some videos. I highly recommend the “Video Case Study.” The first 1/3 of the video is all brand background. Pretty fascinating for a brand fan. And when the designer scans in the pattern and then utilizes it for a background…awesomeness. The “Favorite Features” video is also a good watch for any Photoshop users. Good stuff.

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