50 below (beach excursion)

I wouldn’t make Anthropologie my go-to store for deals but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steals to be had. Believe it or not there’s a wealth of items priced under $50 right now. I picked out some of my favorites to highlight…

1: Dunescape Hat: $42
2: Stormy Sea Necklace: $48
3. Through-Hoops Top: now $50 & Bottom: now $50
4. Feathertop Scoopneck: $38
5. Cinched V-Neck: $48
6. Harvest Season Necklace: $38
7. Framework Tee: $48
8. Puckered Scoopneck: $48
9. Spin-Spin-Spin Skirt: now $50
10. Vacant Shoreline Belt: $38
11. Wheatfields Belt: $48
12. Failli Tee: $48
13. Dumaine Scarf: $38
14. Fireflower Wrap: $40
15. Treasure Trove Bag: $48

Of course now I would like all of those items…

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  1. May 5, 2009 / 2:00 pm

    Most of the clothes shown from underwater shoots are dry clean only… Although the pics are gorgeous, I don't get it. Besides, water makes the colors look brighter than they really are. When it comes to present a piece of clothe to customers, I really prefer a little less artistic approach (no underwater shoot, no overexposure to the light).

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