Site update! Utility and 3-D Nursery

Hooray site update! Besides the Cargo Party Anthro emailed about yesterday they’ve side-barred a featurette called 3-D Nursery. A rose is a rose is a rose I suppose. Anthropologie has had a lot of flowery accents this season and I’m all for it.

Click through to the featured page though and it’s decidedly selective. There’s plenty to like, from the vibrant Strummed Brooch ($28) to the eye-catching Twinspur Earrings ($24). I’m surprised though to see so much of the flowery goodness missing! Go to the accessories’ section hats & hair page for example and bask in the glory of the Full Bouquet Clip ($18), the Nested Petals Clip ($15), the Midnight Freesia Heaband ($38) or the Astrantia Headband ($38). None of those beautiful pieces made the 3-D Nursery Page for reasons unexplained. Curious.

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