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Anthropologie is no slouch when it comes to Earth Day. This year they’re calling attention to sustainable agriculture and the plight of honeybees. Since 2007, honeybees have been disappearing or dying at a sometimes alarming rate due to colony collapse disorder. While this may sound great (no more stings!) it’s actually quite harmful to the food chain…not to mention the disarming possibility of no more honey.

More from the Press Release:
For Earth Day Anthropologie will debut the affectionately named “Bee Tees.” The two styles, created by Edun, will generate awareness of the disappearance of honey bees and the organizations dedicated to saving them. The 100% organic cotton t-shirts will be available at select Anthropologie locations for $58.

Anthropologie’s visual artists are also contributing their talents to the issue. All of Anthropologie’s stores will display window installations that reflect upon bees’ role in our world. Iconography like hives and honeycombs will be represented with imagination and unexpected materials.

Squee! I am a huge fan of Edun. Helmed by Ali Hewson (with co-creative direction by Rogan Gregory), the company’s clothes are not only ethereal and beautiful; they’re also produced using socially-conscious sustainable materials and talent from developing countries. And, uh, you might of heard Hewson’s husband…some guy named Bono. Can’t wait to see those tees in person.

For the sustainable agriculture portion of April 22, Anthropologie will be hosting speakers and workshops at select stores around the country. List below. For more information please see the Press Release.

I’m seriously thinking about going to the Cardi Party up at the Westport, Connecticut store. Maybe if I can sneak out of work…wall of text below!

* Jesse Cool. Simply Organic. Anthropologie of Palo Alto, California. 999 Alma Street (12 noon – 2 pm) Jesse is an advocate for local, sustainable, organic food production and its farmers.
* JoAnn Cianciulli/LA Farmers Market. Anthropologie at The Grove, Los Angeles, CA. 6301 West 3rd St (6 pm – 8 pm) Well-known food writer JoAnn celebrates the food and history of this Los Angeles landmark in her cookbook
* Jim Denevan. Outstanding in the Field. Anthropologie of Berkeley, CA. 750 Hearst Avenue (12 noon – 2 pm) Chef Jim Denevan is the founder of Outstanding in the Field, an organization that sets up dinner tables in fields, ranches, dairies, vineyards, and community gardens across the country for alfresco meals that reconnect us with the land and people that produce our food.

From Farm-to-Table
Anthropologie will also hold Farm-to-Table events for Earth Day that focus on food made with local ingredients.
* Anthropologie at 330 San Lorenzo Avenue South, Coral Gables, FL. April 22nd (5-7 pm)
* Anthropologie at 705 S. Dakota Avenue, Tampa, FL. April 22nd (5-7 pm)
* Anthropologie at 700 South Rosemary Road, West Palm Beach, FL. April 24th (12 pm – 5 pm)
* Anthropologie at 639 East Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA. April 25th (10 am – 2 pm)

Locally Yours
* Anthropologie at 2520 N.E. University Village St, Seattle. WA. April 30th (7 pm – 10 pm)
Christine Keff, owner of the Flying Fish, will serve dishes made with ingredients from local farmers. Lettuce Link, which provides organic produce, vegetable seeds and gardening assistance to Seattle’s low-income families, will receive 10% of the evening’s sales.

Select stores will also offer honey based treats in honor of Earth Day.
* Anthropologie at 4751 River City Drive, Jacksonville, FL. April 22nd (5 pm – 8 pm) Organic goodies by the North East Florida Honey Bee Association.
* Anthropologie at 601 N. Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX. April 22nd (5 pm – 8 pm) Homemade sweets presented by Round Rock Honey.

More Earth Day Goings-On
Grow Green. Anthropologie at 6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL. April 22nd (9 am – 2 pm) Store staff will demonstrate how to pot their favorite plants.

Sprout Spring. Anthropologie at 1108 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL. April 22nd (1 pm – 3 pm). Store staff and Alton Road Nursery will teach basic gardening.

Benefit for SEEDSNC. Anthropologie at 8030 Renaissance Parkway, Durham, NC. April 23rd (6 pm – 8 pm) Anthropologie’s soon-to-debut Durham, NC location will host a benefit for the South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces. The non-profit organization teaches people to care for the earth and each other through garden-based programs.

Children’s Petunia Planting Workshop. Anthropologie at 6121 W. Park Boulevard, Plano, TX. April 25th (10 am – 3 pm). Children will enjoy a gardening lesson with Anthropologie staff.

Reinvention Workshops
Cardi-Party. Anthropologie at 1365 Post Road, Westport, CT. April 22nd (6 pm – 9 pm) Anthropologie staff will show how to rework cardigan sweaters so that they look better than new.

Transform Your Tees
Workshops with Anthropologie staff will reveal how to revitalize your favorite t-shirt.
* Anthropologie at 3222 M Street, NW, Washington, DC. April 22nd (5 pm – 8 pm)
* Anthropologie at 201 W Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA. April 23rd (6 pm – 9 pm)
* Anthropologie at 1910 Towne Centre Boulevard, Annapolis, MD. April 23rd (5 pm – 8 pm)


  1. Anonymous
    April 7, 2009 / 2:46 pm

    hi roxy!this is off topic… but i remember you posted about a while ago. care to comment on the quality of clothing there? you're correct in saying that they are anthropologie-esque, but how does the quality compare to anthro?thanks!

  2. April 7, 2009 / 3:06 pm

    You should go to the cardi-party and then teach all of us. 🙂

  3. April 7, 2009 / 6:38 pm

    Hi Anon! I have only placed two orders from Ruche. So far so good — the quality of both items was up to snuff and I kept each. Like Anthro it's a bunch of different brands being sold by one store so make sure you pay close attention to the sizing chart on the product page. Farmer Jo – when you see the quality of my project I think you will change your mind about that idea. 😉

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