Reviews: Dress you up in my love

In Anthropologie’s 5th Ave store (NYC) there is what I like to call Dress Row. Along the stairwell leading to the lower level are selected dresses from their current collection, usually the best of the pack. I can almost never walk by without picking up at least one to try on.

Over the weekend I tried on several between all the Anthros in the city. Anthro is becoming well-known for their dress selection. I feel like they really outdid themselves for Spring. Fabulous choices abound.

Grand Holiday Dress ($118)
also in Sapphire at the top of this post

I spotted the Grand Holiday Dress in the lovely Sapphire color. In the catalogue shot the waist tie is styled around to the front. I tried to repeat this in the dressing room and thought it looked pretty silly on me. The back of the dress is also pretty surprising — the square reveal doesn’t match up to the glam front. In my true size 6 the dress fit like a dream and I loved it! It took some, um, finessing of the bra to hide it. I’m not even sure a strapless would be better with this dress because the side is pretty low cut. The Two Rivers Dress ($118) has a similar makeup with a more casual take.

Galaxy-of-Dots Dress ($128)

Swiss dots on a large scale. The ruffle down the front is charming and the sleeves have small burnouts. I have to tell you that this dress was cute overload on! Moulinette Soeurs makes several of Anthro’s cutest dresses for Spring so it’s not a huge surprise. The size 6 fit but was a bit tight around my rib cage. I felt like my pale skin and dark hair were too much of a contrast to truly showcase this dress. I expect to see it on the streets a lot though. Just too cute to resist. The Grand Jette Dress ($198) lives in a similar vein with eyelets and an innocent feel.

Behind-The-Clouds Dress ($138)

Here’s another Moulinette Soeurs construction. More swiss dots (on a smaller scale this time) in voile. This dress brings the movie “Waitress” to mind. And from the back I felt almost 50s housewife. It was subliminally sexy. Once again the 6 fit but was a bit tight around my ribs. This dress would work for gallavanting around Central Park but I don’t think I would wear it to work.

Primorska Dress ($198)

This dress is another sight to behold in Voile. From the front I adore the dress. The bodice has a flattering shape and the skirt is pretty divine. But from the back I was disappointed that this Anna Sui creation had such a visible zipper. It’s a dark copper color. I know contrast zippers are acceptable right now…but not so much to me. Quite honestly I think it looks silly. I had to size up to an 8 in this dress.


  1. March 3, 2009 / 8:33 pm

    I definitely want the Galaxy of Dots dress- I love how they have it styled on the model, with a belt around it! I'm glad you liked it. We're going on vacation soon (so lots of shopping!) and I'll have to see if I can find it then. And bat my eyelashes at Hubby. 😀

  2. March 4, 2009 / 12:15 am

    The Anthropologie on 5th avenue and 16th st? I love that location, such a great shopping area!

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