Just thought you might like to know about…Ruche

Oh search engines, look what you’ve gone and found for me now. Sniffing around for some past product shots last week I stumbled upon this nifty little online shop called Ruche. They call themselves a ‘modern boutique with a vintage touch’ and I say ‘Yes please.’

The flowy dresses. The vibrant patterns. The wink and whimsy. I could easily see many pieces from this store being sold at Anthro. Apparently Ruche is online-only (brava! to that) site run out of California. And like Anthro the boutique is a co-op of handpicked items selected from independent brands.

I oohed and aahed over several of the products over on their blog look book and then decided to look around their site a bit. At first I was just looking at the products themselves but I soon noticed a pattern. Of affordability! I could not believe how fair the prices were. Tops, bottoms and dresses for around $40? Purses and shoes for the same?

I decided it was worth trying an order. After browsing for a bit I settled on the A Wrinkle in Time Ivory Dress ($33, styled above). Shipping was $5 and my order shipped next day. Best of all I love the dress! Though I had to size up to a Large I don’t mind because the dress is as cute as a button. Fun and flouncy and I can’t wait to wear it.

No doubt I’ll be going back for more. If they had a wish list I would put the (sold-out) Beige Chiffon Sunday Dress ($40), the Jarrah Marri Dreams tank top ($37) and the Pasofino Studded Saddle Bag ($40) on it. What do you think of Ruche?


  1. February 24, 2009 / 5:18 am

    I love Ruche- their clothes are so cute and the prices are oh-so-nice. 🙂

  2. February 24, 2009 / 5:46 am

    cute items! I've never seen the website before… reminds me of forever 21 but a little more expensive and less trendy (more like anthro in that respect)thanks for the post though; I'll keep Ruche bookmarked!

  3. Anonymous
    February 24, 2009 / 3:25 pm

    do you have any pictures of the dress? I was thinking of ordering it too but I was wondering what the fit/material are like!

  4. February 24, 2009 / 11:15 pm

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing. I couldn't believe the prices either! So, would you say that the Ruche clothes run a little small?

  5. February 25, 2009 / 12:24 am

    Anon @ 10:25, yes I do have pictures which I will post in this comments thread later on tonight. 🙂 Blair, yes I would say that Ruche clothes run a size small. Kind of like a designer brand. If you look at their (excellent) sizing chart you'll notice that their measurements run closer to, say, junior's sizes than misses. Compare their size M to Anthropologie, Gap or J.Crew's size M and you will notice a difference of a few inches.

  6. Anonymous
    February 25, 2009 / 11:07 pm

    Thanks!! I cant wait. It is so cute!

  7. February 26, 2009 / 1:38 am

    Hi Anon@6:07, I am unfortunately still stuck at work (ack!) so I asked my guy to take a few shots. You can view them here. I will take some more IRL shots as soon as my work sked slows down a bit. 🙂

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