Anthropologie has updated its “For the Home” homepage (go to the website and click on {for the home} in the navbar). The featured item is the Tagliare Console Table ($398), a piece mixing different knotty wood parcels into a rustic-looking piece of home art.

I have seen tables like this a lot recently. ABC Carpet & Home has had pieces like this for at least a year and the spa I frequent has a similar table in the reception area. While the design is lovely I cannot reconcile how I would use a piece like this. I imagine the top is uneven which makes it pretty useless as a table unless you put glass on it, and if you put glass on it you lose the rustic charm. As a display piece it is exquisite.

If you click the “get the particulars” link you’re taken to the “details, details” page where 9 new home items are featured. My favorite is probably the Wonderscape Desk ($998, above) which looks unassuming closed but has intricate bird and floral designs burned(?) into the wood when you lift the lid. As usual, the Anthropologie buyers’ choices are right on the money taste-wise.

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