Please pardon the quality of the photo above; it was taken with my 1.3 megapixel phone camera. While making my Anthropologie rounds this weekend I spotted this devastatingly beautiful bracelet by Nicole Miller.

It appears to have a mix of large brass (copper?) fixings with smaller crystals and beads around it. I didn’t ask to see it out of the case because I was afraid of falling for it. The bracelet has an interesting mix of earthy and industrial intrigue to it. I searched Nicole Miller’s official jewelry store site as well as several department store sites to see if I could find the name or any information about it. So far nothing.

I know that Anthropologie often carries designer pieces that fit into the store’s aesthetic. This particular piece certainly made me say wow. I envy whoever ends up with this gorgeous bracelet.

UPDATE 12/4: Aha! It finally made the website. It’s called the Juxtaposed Bracelet and is $258. And it’s still gorgeous.

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