I noticed an abundance of plush toys during my visits to Anthropologie over the weekend. Very soft plushies but kind of odd for Anthro I thought. I was confused until I saw a sign explaining that the plushies were available to purchase and donate to a local children’s charity.

What a nice idea! There were several different price points to choose from and animals ranging from ducks to cows to elephants to lions to monkeys to…well, you get the picture. I chose two small plushies to donate. I was given a tag to write a special message on (I was at a loss so I just wrote Enjoy! Something non-denominational.) and then the plushies were placed in a large basket behind the cash register.

The cashier told me that each time the large basket filled up they delivered the toys to a local charity to give away for the holidays. I melted. Each Anthro I was at had a different cause listed on the sign by the large basket. It’s a great way to be charitable this season and you’ll make a child smile.

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  1. December 4, 2008 / 1:15 am

    I love this idea! We do an angel tree at my daughter's school, but the stuffed toy is so sweet. I need to find some add on presents for my niece's, so I will make sure my store is doing this.

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