When does Anthropologie update its sale items?

I have often wondered if there is a regular cycle that Anthropologie uses to mark down items and post new arrivals. Do the stores put out new clothing around the same time each month?

The consensus seems to be yes and no. I asked several store reps and managers around the tri-state area as well as one of their phone reps. New sale items are usually posted to the website on Tuesday mornings. Likewise, new arrivals tend to debut late Monday night or Tuesday mornings on the first week of the month (the same week the new catalog is mailed out).

In-store is a bit harder to gauge. Two of the stores I spoke with said that new items usually debut on Sundays, another said Fridays and still another said it just depends on what central processing says when they send new items in. Some stores also get new items sooner. For example, I’ve noticed NYC’s 5th Ave Anthropologie seems to have new items before either the Soho or Rockefeller Center store. Rockefeller Center seems to have the biggest sale section of the city Anthropologies. The stores I spoke with said they usually move items to sale on Mondays after the weekend shopping is done. If there are a lot of items with overstock they may cycle new pieces in twice a week.

With the holidays coming up I really hope Anthropologie will run some kind of promotion. I plan to do some of my holiday shopping there and I would really like to grab a few ‘me, too’ items.

When does your Anthropologie usually update its sale items? When do new items roll out?

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  1. November 10, 2008 / 3:14 pm

    i notice the site change, new items, and usually new sale items online on mondays.i also hope there is some sort of holiday promo soon. i have lots of stuff i want but i'll only get some select items if i have to budget more.

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