A pop of color in the bathroom

I live in a tiny studio apartment with a teeny bathroom. To make the bathroom seem larger, I’ve stuck to a white color scheme within. But after a while the white started to feel…well…clinical. So I introduced some color in slowly.

A friend of mine is lucky enough to have a large bathroom (by NYC standards anyway) and she has brought depth to her bathroom using a round bathmat. I was fascinated the first time I saw it. The room has high ceilings and though the room is probably only 8×10′ or so the round bathmat against tan walls really makes the room seem larger. Removing the corners seems to push the walls further away. I should have guessed that she got her mat at Anthro.

I don’t really have room for a round bathmat but I have been bringing in some autumnal pieces. My love of hedgehogs was well-served by the Hedgehog candle ($14) and the Mozi Oragami Soap Bars ($10) are very cool. Since it’s such a small room, the bathroom is an easy place to experiment with different styles or rotate accessories to match the season.

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