Do you use ebay to buy Anthropologie clothing?

I rarely regret purchases I don’t make, but last winter two Anthropologie passes left me sad. First, I passed on the Tiger’s Eye Necklace. I saw it first in one of the summer catalogues but for some reason kept delaying the buy. By the time I was ready the website-only item was sold out. I’ve not seen it listed anywhere else since nor have I found anything similar. (Unfortunately I can’t even find a picture to share, maybe I dreamed the necklace up?) The second item was Sleeping on Snow’s Wildflower Cardigan. The cardigan was sold out before I could buy it.

Most times when I miss out an item I will forget soon enough, but the Wildflower Cardigan continued to bother me. It was green like my eyes! It was very unique in design. Finally, I turned to eBay. Sure enough they had several listings for the cardigan. It was selling for full price so I didn’t get it for a steal but I did get my cardigan! I’m pretty happy with the purchase. The item was new with tags as described and I’d only wish I’d gotten a small instead of the medium, which is kind of large on me. Nonetheless the cardigan has gotten plenty of use as both a sweater and a jacket during the fall. My purchase was so successful that I’ve bought a few other sold-out or previous season items via eBay. These days I’m hoping a Blossom House Cardigan from last fall will show up.

Have you purchased any Anthropologie items on eBay? How did it go? Are you worried about the reality of the listings?


  1. April 9, 2009 / 12:36 pm

    Crap, I missed it looks like. Thanks for the heads up R!

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