One of my friends has a young son who is completely into cooking right now. He loves mashing dough, throwing flour into mixing bowls like magic dust and mixing recipes into an ooey gooey sticky mess. He does this all complete with dinosaur and explosion noises of course. It’s a real kick to be around.

When I saw all of the animal-themed cooking items at Anthropologie over the weekend I knew I’d found some great gifts. I’m not really sure what sound a giraffe makes but I was smitten with the Giraffe Measuring Spoons ($28 — pic at top of post). They feel strong enough to be practical and could easily double as kitchen display.

I also picked up the Measuring Gaggle ($28 — pic above) and the Cock-a-Doodle timer ($10) which unfortunately does not crow when time is up. Anthro’s 5th Ave store in NYC seems to be focusing on the kitchen setups for holiday cooking time. They had plenty of aprons and dishware out on display as well. I was very tempted by the Wise ol’ Cookie Jar ($98) for myself but held back. I want to finish my gift shopping before I spoil myself any more.

I hope you had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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