Anthropologie makes its best gifts 30% off!

You can still order from Anthropologie, use standard shipping, and get your gifts by Christmas!

Thanks to retailers and shipping/logistics vendors working ever more closely together, there is still time to order via standard shipping from Anthropologie and get your items in time for Hanukkah and Christmas! Which is great news because they just put all their best gifts at 30% off!

Some items are therefore the same percentage off that they were yesterday but now some have increased their % off by another 10%. Inside, some of my favorites that if you haven’t gotten yet, you still can through tomorrow in time for Christmas…

**note: This item was NOT on my promo list so it may be in the promo section accidentally
— grab it on promo while you can!
So beautiful, the perfect gift really.
Pink Sapphire Infinity Ring ($2,258 + 30% off).
This also was not on my list but is showing up in the promo section as of this writing
— at 30% off, ooohhh so tempting!!

Fireside Turtleneck ($98 + 30% off).
Comfortable in deep, enlivening hues. TTS. Not itchy.
Leather Monogram Pouch ($38 + 30% off).
A cute and thoughtful gift idea.

Give the gift of aromatic bliss.
Norwich Open-Shoulder Pullover ($148 + 30% off).
I’m so in love with this sweater; I want everyone to have it!
Fiera Earring Set ($38 + 30% off).
Cute earrings in a pretty gift presentation.
Yummy, yummy, yummy!
Ribboned Monogram Keychain ($18 + 30% off).
To help you out from calling your kids the wrong first name as you cycle through all their names.
Ask them to hold up the keychain as a reminder prompt.
Blue Night Buttondown ($88 + 30% off).
Easy going winter weekend comfort.

Candlefish Ceramic Candle ($28 + 30% off).
Also available in an equally pretty (and wonderful-smelling) smaller size.
Diamond Heart Choker ($1,798 + 30% off).
Not on my promo list but showing up in the section as of this writing
— just in case someone wants to pick up this gorgeous delight.

What gifts are you gifting from Anthropologie this year?

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