Making workwear a little more fun…

Shouldn’t workwear be as beautiful as possible? That certainly seems to be the thought for Ted Baker, whose Fall 2016 Mission Impeccable collection made my jaw hit the floor. Some stores carry clothes for a season…Ted Baker carries clothes for a reason. These are the kind of items I invest in to have in my closet for years to come.

Inside, some of my favorite looks from the collection and styling ideas, including selections from the current 20% off, Love Ted promo

Dress (on promo!) | Clutch | Shoes
Blazer | Clutch | Dress (on promo!)
Top (on promo!) | Pants | Heels

Any of these tops, for instance, could work equally well over a pencil skirt, trousers or pants: the Finda Scalloped Edge Ribbed Sweater ($195), the Asie Bow Trim Shell Top ($185), the Tiffi Citrus Vine Bardot Top ($165), the Jessin Lace V-neck top ($185), the Edah Embellished Collar Top ($195), the Jamilaa Flight of the Orient Top ($95), the Beree Magnolia Stripe V-neck Top ($195) or the very cute yet stylish Callah Oversized Bow Sweater ($195) — the bow is not as oversized as the name makes it sound!

The Callah Oversized Bow Sweater ($195), so cute! It also comes in black.

It’s hard to select a favorite from these looks and we haven’t even talked about pattern yet! My current favorite motif is the porcelain rose print, a beautiful bold graphic on both white and black pieces. Some other great patterned pieces include the very work-ready Yee Woodland Toile Skater Dress ($279), the Reihan Illustrated Elegance Midi Dress ($349),the Mirrie Juxtapose Rose Dress ($315 and amazing!), the Emore Focus Bouquet Midi Dress ($236 on promo), the Brynee Focus Bouquet Bodycon Dress ($236 on promo) and the Petala Pearly Petal Skater Dress ($207 on promo).

From the fit to the sleeves to the print, the Yee Woodland Toile Skater Dress ($279) is beautiful at every level.

Other pieces choose drama through color and form, like the eye-catching Lemar Belted Kimono Dress ($335), the body-skimming Careei Frilled Pencil Dress ($295), the charming Dixxy Layered Lace Dress ($335) and the classic yet slinky Nelia V-neck Shift Dress ($335). I could truly spend hours looking through them all and picking a day for each.

And then whatever Ted Baker London dress or look you pick, there is a magnificent coat or jacket, beautiful pair of shoes, grab-worthy bag and stunning jewelry to complete the look.

Wishlist explosion.

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