Checking in with Anthropologie’s Spring Tops

The Shimmered Azucar Tunic ($98), among the tops on my try-on list.

Although my last few times trying on tops at Anthropologie haven’t been all that impressive (see the reviews here and here) suddenly my wishlist is once again overflowing with tops to try. Inside, a bunch of the ones I’ll be looking for and then I’d love to hear your choices in the comments! Plus, some non-Anthro tops I’ve bought recently that I love.

Tofino Tee ($98)

Maite Tank ($148)

Paxi Tank ($118)

Flores Tee ($78)

Gracie Top ($118)

It’s a very long list of tops to find! I’ve included some online-only tops in my choices, because sometimes online-only actually means ‘but you can also find it in one of the NYC Anthropologies if you’re lucky.’ I have a feeling that more than a few of these tops are going to be a disaster on me, but, well, that’s part of the fun isn’t it?

Off the beaten path I’ve found a few tops at other stores to love recently. I’m already a big fan of Joie’s Silk Rancher Top and just bought it in the fresh meadow color, which is a vibrant and nearly neon green perfect for summer. The top also comes in linen. While perusing Joie’s Soho boutique I came across this beautiful tank top, which I had to have! It also comes in a dress but the skirt portion was far too short on me sadly. So I’ve got my eye on this dress instead.

Helmut Lang has long been one of my favorite brands and teal is one of my favorite colors to wear. So of course I adore this twist top, which has already become a work staple. I’m currently on retainer with a large fashion company in Midtown and I feel the need to step up my work outfits at times. This top has helped significantly! Also helping a lot is Rebecca Taylor. This truly fun top is pushing the limits of work appropriateness I admit but it was a big hit in my office. (Thank goodness.) It looks kind of shapeless on the model for whatever reason, however in real life it has more of a pretty crop drape. Speaking of crop tops I’m a little in love with this Rebecca Taylor crop top because…I don’t know why. I just am!

Although J.Crew has gone a little off the deep end with me, I did just pick up this top which will be great for work this summer and finally grabbed this one now that it’s on sale (and was on a deeper discount this past weekend). And if I may brag a little I was also delighted to pick up this collection skirt for under $50 which is way less than the original price. I’m not much of a sale shopper but this score made me dance happily!

What tops have you purchased lately? Which Anthropologie tops would you like me to try on? What do you think of Anthro’s Spring 2014 top options so far?

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