Year in Review: Some favorites from 2011, plus some items I missed out on

If 2010 was the year Anthropologie exploded in my closet, 2011 was the year I started exploring other brands again. It’s painful to say that since Anthropologie is my favorite store but it’s true. Over the course of this week we’ll review the year that was for Anthro and look ahead to 2012.

Today we’ll cover our favorite items from 2011 and commiserate items we missed out on. I’ll start out with some of my choices and then please join in the conversation in the comments!


1. Tupelo Dress.
It’s funny how a different print can change your opinion of a dress. I wasn’t crazy about Maple’s previous incarnations of this dress shape. Then along came the Tupelo Dress (reviewed here) and I was in love. This dress hit sale surprisingly quickly allowing me to snag it for a lower price. The blue and gold combination is hard to beat and pairs well with tons of pieces in my closet. A classic Anthro shape rendered in the perfect print.

2. Rewound Picot Sweater.
Another Anthropologie design staple is the open-knit cardigan. They really hit it out of the park with the Rewound Picot Sweater (reviewed here) which didn’t get a lot of community love at first. This sweater is cute enough from the front but it truly shines from the back, where a butterfly-like shape turns this cardigan into a true star.  

3. Gather Together Clutch.
I purchased several new bags from Anthropologie this year which I’ll cover in an upcoming post. Of them all my favorite has to be the Gather Together Clutch (reviewed here) a deceptive carry-all that starts off small and unfolds into a legal-sized purse. True you can’t fit a ton in this bag but what you can fit looks chic both for day and evening. It’s the quintessential carry-all and a welcome addition in my closet.

4. Ottoman Poppies Tank.
Leifsdottir gets a hard time in the community. Not from me though — the brand is one of my favorites. I think my favorite Leifsdottir buy this year has to be the Ottoman Poppies Tank (quick OOTD shot here). The dress and blouse version of this print are both beautiful, the tank however owns my heart. The vents are cool touches, the shape is perfection and the colors have no equal. Long live Leifsdottir!

5. Scully Pencil Skirt.
This skirt looks like it would never work — it’s too long, too body-hugging and too loud in print. And yet the Scully Pencil Skirt (reviewed here) is the most successful piece with this print for me. It’s slimming, easy to walk in and a great color for work. It’s a compliment magnet in my office and a confidence-builder on the commute. Doesn’t get much better than that!

6. Elevenses High-Waist Trousers.
Anthropologie has been trying to convince us high-waist is awesome for a few years now. I’ve mostly been ignoring this insane advice but this year these Elevenses High-Waist trousers (reviewed here) reeled me in. The darker color, small front pockets and brass accents make the pants seem like denim luxe instead of 1970s tragedy. With a cropped shirt and a blazer they can be rocked at work; with a longer top they work for at an evening event.

7. Tintinnabulum Cami.
A complicated name belies this simple and elegant cami, a loungewear piece that truly makes the transition to day effortlessly. Anthropologie has caught on to our lounge-as-daywear game and started raising the price points but every now and then a deal emerges. I found the Tintinnabulum Cami (reviewed here) on first cut sale and was able to get a PA, earning both colors for a relatively mere $40. Even in winter I’m still wearing them with a cardigan plopped over top.

Honorable Mentions
8. Distant Maps Bracelet. The coolest way I’ve seen my astrological sign depicted, bar none.
9. Chartreuse Shoots Dress. The thing I wore to my royal wedding party — it was a hit!
10. Bow belts. A little feminine touch always helps me finish an outfit. Pieces like the Precise Bow Belt and the Naga Belt have both earned a place in my closet.
11. Kaarina Quilt & Shams Bedding that keeps me warm on even the coldest of nights.
12. Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt. Attention Anthropologie design team: this is the kind of item I shop here for!


1. Veiled Alder Dress.
I knew this dress was likely to sell out at full price…but I wasn’t prepared for how quickly it would go. Once Anthropologie issued the first round of “oops we fucked up, here’s 25% off” coupons the Veiled Alder Dress (reviewed here) was gone. So gone. Boo.

2. Sea Nettle Shift
Damn you online-only products, part I! (And fuck you, ebay price gougers!) Boo! If anyone happens to see this in their store size 8 or 10, please let me know…

3. Pixel Impressionist Shift.
This dress went on sale before I was ready and when I could pull the trigger it was gone. Boo again.

4. Firebird Cloche.
I wasn’t about to blow $300 on a hat. When this crawled down to $50 I went on a mad hunt, only to find the last one in NYC snatched out from under me. I can’t say I’m devastated but it was sad to miss out on such a fan topper.

5. Admiralty Poncho.
I ordered you twice and twice I was sent the wrong item. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, you strange preppy overlayer you.

Your turn! What were your favorite Anthropologie buys of the year? Which items slipped through your fingers?

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