It’s time! Calling all readers: send me your Anthropologie outfits!!


This post cannot have enough exclamation points!!! Have you been missing Anthroholic’s Reader Outfits feature? Me too. So it’s time to bring it back to the house. This will be a recurring feature that runs every Sunday here on EA, and several other blogs in the community have their own form of this feature as well.

This coming Sunday will be the first reader outfits compilation on EA and I’m seeking community submissions! What am I looking for your in photo? So glad you asked.

* Photos should be about 600 px wide (575 px is the exact width I use) and more vertical than horizontal. (Need to resize? You can do it for free on Photoshop’s express online editor.)
* Outfits are not limited to just Anthropologie clothing but you should have at least one Anthro item in your outfit.
* Group photos are welcome!
* You are welcome to use your own affiliate links in these photos, just send the links in your outfit email!
* For outfit items sent without links, I may use my own affiliate links to feed the EA fund
* Looking for advice on taking a good outfit photo? Check out Little Girl Big Closet’s amazing photo tutorial series.

Once you have your photo, please email it to me. Be sure to include the brand/product name of the items you’re wearing and if you have a blog I am happy to link to it!! Please note that I may not be able to run every photo that is submitted but I will make every effort to include them all. Inappropriate photos however will be rejected.

The deadline for this week’s post is SATURDAY AT 5 PM ET! So send away!! I can’t wait to see what outfits this brilliant community comes up with.

On a related note, The British Anthropologiest is restarting the ‘Style It!’ feature from Anthroholic. Be sure to stop by and vote for this week’s item!!