Anthropologie unveils its iPad app

Hidden away in Anthropologie’s latest HTML 5 website update is this little pot of gold: our favorite store has built itself an iPad app. I made this discovery last night while waiting to see if any sale popped up on the site (no sale today, looks like we play the Sale Guessing Game again tonight!).

An app on the most tactile technology available to the masses makes total sense for Anthro and they’ve done a great job with the user experience. What can you expect? Scroll down the old-fashioned way to see.

I’m sure the app will update regularly. For now when you load the app you’re greeted by a decidedly celebratory home page with three options: Sorts and Kinds, Our Latest Catalog, and Anthropologie Elsewhere. Let’s move from left to right.

Sorts and Kinds is all about different ways to experience Anthropologie’s products. Centered mostly around outfits, the first few screens are all about experimenting with the newest pieces to put together a full look. The screen above features different swipe boxes — choose the top and bottom or dress that you want and add coordinating accessories. You can save the looks you like or shop the look right from this page. It’s a lot of fun, kind of like a mini Polyvore.

I wish there were an option to send this look to your local store to see if they have all the pieces in stock or to email it to a Personal Shopper. It would also be great to be able to send these looks to Polyvore. You can share them socially via Twitter, Facebook or email — meh. There’s no way to add the items to an existing wishlist that I see which is kind of a bummer. Right now the app is kind of self-contained. Overall though it’s a fun little feature.

It wasn’t clear to me but that page is part of a much bigger section. Swipe to the right and you can make your way through several outfits. Anthropologie wholeheartedly takes advantage of the iPad’s technology with looks that dance…

…and sway…

…and unfurl into place. I love it! Animation is never a bad thing.

But my favorite part of this section has to be the Bird’s Eye View, which allows you to see all the products from a given section on one screen. It would be cool to have the ability to sort this screen and I wish there was a magnifying option. (I suppose you can always take advantage of Apple’s built-in magnifying bubble.) It’s one of my favorite pages in the app. Right now you can view most of the clothing sections and one home section — here’s hoping they expand that.

The next part of the app is a Shop The Catalog section. Right now the app’s still got October loaded so hopefully November becomes available soon. I love, love, LOVE this section! When the page first loads you see small red plus signs over the shoppable items — click on a plus and you’ll see the product page for the item, which you can then add to your cart, favorite or save. Unfortunately the beautiful settings are not available for purchase. When you close the product page the catalog page is right where you left it. No starting over from the beginning which is a nice improvement over some of the catalog apps currently available for iPad.

I love how sharp and crisp the catalog photos are. This is a million times better than the “Shop the Catalog Online” part of Anthropologie’s website, which displays so small on my high-resolution laptop screen. Here on the iPad the photos are big, the tactile elements are seductive and it’s fun to flip through the catalog and feel transported.

Overall I’m very pleased with the app. Have an iPad? You can download the Anthro application from iTunes, Anthropologie’s website, or via this link.

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