Do tell: what are your favorite Anthropologie items?

the Timepiece Jacket from 2006

This post is inspired by Beth, who suggested a post to let the community show off pictures of some of their favorite past items. More than happy to oblige! It’s also a chance to articulate what we’re missing in the current designs.

I’ve already mentioned fit. That’s my principal concern at the moment. I’m also missing the fun of past designs. I’ve been flipping through my old 2005 and 2006 catalogues this week while working on a post. Some of the items make me laugh out loud — they’re so whimsical and out there and yet so wearable. I feel like a woman’s life can be heavy these days. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders at times. And the clothing seems just as heavy. I want something light, something that frees me up a bit. I want some pieces that make me laugh when I put them on, some that make me feel light and airy and some that emphasize sophistication.

I hate living in the past but if there’s an Anthro brand I’m really missing right now it’s Lithe. The designs are quintessential Anthropologie with just the right mix of romance, embellishment and flair. Each top is unique and has a number of details. I wouldn’t consider any of them trendy for the time they came out and they’d fit right into today’s clothing world too. Here are some of my favorite tops from the line:

Piazza Peony Blouse
Great Heights Bustier
Chantal Blouse
Southern Season Blouse
(note: I’m bidding on one of these on ebay right now.)
Floorboards Blouse
One of my favorite Anthro buys, ever.

What are some of your Anthro favorites from the past? If you want to add a photo to your comment, be sure to read this instructional post.

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